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Elite Map Packs (Not Working)

Hello fellow frustrated COD players. I turned on my xbox this morning to be greeted with the wonder that was MW3 telling me that I had to redownloaded some 20 odd pieces of Elite content.


Wonderful I thought; this has happened before though. So I just set the game to redownload the files, went back to the dashboard and it flickers through the downloads, as the system realises they're already there.


Boot back into game, does the same. So I cleared the cahce, and deleted all the actual Elite content, so that I could manually download all the files. I've got a fast connection, so this isn't an issue.


Let that do its thing, and booted back into the game, only to be met with the exact same thing.


What the hell is going on? I've redownloaded the title update, also and there's no corrupted files anywhere in my storage.