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Panic Knifing vs. Drop Shotting.


Which is worse in your opinion?

I changed my button layout to tactical a couple of weeks ago and haven't looked back since.

Well, yesterday, I got the final killcam about 7 times and in all of them I drop shot. In most of them, the people had mics and called me lots of different names. Normally, that doesn't bother me. but yesterday, someone called me a c*nt for drop shotting. Well, I answered, "If it's in the game, then I can do it." They said that it was the equivalent of cheating. To which I replied, "Well then I guess you panic knifing f*gs are cheating too." Then, they just started calling me all sorts of names and telling me to go back to the kitchen blah blah blah. A couple of randoms in the lobby that I totally did not know came to my defense and I thank them for that. But still....Why hate on the drop shotting when you panic knife?


Oh, they were also saying stuff like, "In real life, you wouldn't be able to do that." Well sir, this isn't real life and I don't plan on getting shot.

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    I play on tactical but don't drop shot, I use it since I tactically crouch and stand for cover. Drop shot is kinda a waste of a final kill cam I always go something cooler like handgun or some other secondary or hip fire longshots.

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    I would say the panic knife, mainly because of how lag works. I often get knifed before I'm able to see the guy or do anything to defend myself. At least with dropshotters I can get the headshot when the start to fall to the ground

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    Yeah my favorites are the 5 foot lunge or the hey I'm gonna charge right through your bullets that have to be hitting me in the head and knive you what's up with that crap.

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    The fact that anyone can knife you after you land a single bullet in them,is one of the biggest FAILS in this game. I do not like dropshotting,but don't die that much,so it doesn't overly bother me that much.

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    You don't see either much in hardcore, knifing though a stream of bullets does annoy me, but compared to mw2 it's not a problem.


    Drop shots are fine until you get to the point where it becomes habit are you drop shot someone who is facing the other direction

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    Drop shotting doesn't work on me because I always make sure the enemy is dead before running away, and my reflexes are pretty good so I can usually tell when I need to follow them to the ground and keep shooting.

    Panic knifing is an incorrect term in my opinion because there is no such thing as a panic knifing. If an enemy runs up on you quickly and you dot see them in enough time why would I shoot my gun at them? I'm just going to knife them.

    So neither one bother me at all and it rarely happens to me anyway.

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    Yeah in hardcore it's just a lot of launchers and tubes. I've been meaning to start playing hardcore more often again.

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    Personally, I think drop shotting is lame. Drop shotting, camping, head glitching are all tactics used by people who's aim/skills are less than par and need to use any tactic to get a kill. I have bad accuracy but still manage to get kills going head to head. I never dropshot nor will I ever. The lamest dropshoters are those who still dropshot even though you're facing the other direction. I mean, really, you suck that bad that you have a drop shot a person that doesn't even know you're there? Any time I see someone dropshotting with a MP7/ACR, I know they're lacking big time in the skills department. I have clan members who ALWAYS dropshot and it irritates me even after I call them out on it. But, to those whos K/D is their life, I guess you take any measure to maintain it at whatever costs.


    Knifing in this game is a complete failure. Total COMPLETE FAILURE. If I put 2-3 bullets into you at close range, there should be no way to commando knife me. But, in MW3, failure is built into the game.

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    I also changed to tactical about 7months ago and never looked back. Its save me so many times. I always suffer from knifing though. If someone jumps around the corner i have to shoot only for them to run through my bullets and knife me. Its sacarfice that i am willing to make though. It also hinders you in another way....drop shot....prone blocked....dead!!!!!

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