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Do ya ever get sick of your clan?


Just wondering if I am the goofy one haa.  Sometimes it seems like the whole clan thing causes problems.  I put my game in to play what I want and they are pissedoff cuz the ops is tdm and I am playing dom.  It has taken the whole putting a game in to kill some time and have some fun, which I have done since probably 1985, and made it almost seem like work at rare times.  All of the dudes in my clan are guys that I played with long before I was in their clan and they seemed so much more layed back.  I just dont like being told what to do......my wife and officers at the firehouse do enough of that....haaaa..


They are all chronically pissedoff at me cuz I dont put the clan tag on.   I have never put a clan tag on and dam sure aint going to if some guys are telling me I should and it adds fuel to the fire when they boarderline insist on it.  Im 33 frickin years old and no dude on a video game is going to dictate how or what I do. 


Anyway I sound really mad and Im not..........just annoyed at the moment and curious if anyone else gets annoyed at their clan.  I do afterall play a video game for the fun of it an If it continues to be a problem for me I will do what I did until June and not be in any clan.  

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    I ended up walking away from mine they lost sight of the fun aspect and wanted to do crap like spawn trapping and overwatch camping to make sure wins were pretty much a slam dunk.

    I shrugged and just said "thanks but no thanks dudes" ,nagged the mrs untill she picked up the pad (she was already kinda into gaming but more platformers) and didn't look back.

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    Not really.


    My clan is probably about 12 people, and most of us have known each other IRL way before we started gaming together.


    Really the only purpose our clan serves is to let other players know we're playing as a group.

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    True Story..


    I actually got kicked out of my Clan after doing so much for them. No explaination for it and I did nothing wrong. Kinda rubbed me the wrong way so now I am clanless and kinda liking it. I love playing the challenges but the Ops are mostly Core and I hate core .

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    See now thats what a clan should be about.  The guys at the firehouse talked me into playing bops and there were 8 of us that worked together and played together almost every night.  It was so much fun.  Then when MW3 came out all but 2 of us  couldnt stand it and they quit playing.  It would be so much more fun jamming with them.


    @monkey.....man I see myself coming to that soon.  I am ranked like 1100 in dom and have over 18,000 caps and I dam sure dont need some guy in my clan telling me how to play the mode.  Or getting pissed cus we dont have B.  Its like hey fuckerr I have died on B by myself 6 times shut your fkn pie hole.  haa..  They are just so serious lately and IMO who gives a **** if your clan is lvl 3 or 40.  I guess they are all still prestigeinf so they want the bonuses but I am 15/80 with all gold guns so I could give two shakes about the "bonus" crap.

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    Yeah there's nowt worse than being told how to suck eggs. Sad thing is they mailed me a couple of weeks back to see if I wanted to rejoin i'd kept them on my friend list as it was a case of no hard feelings just different methods of play .The sad thing is they'd checked my place on the leaderboard in KC and the message went along the lines of "it'd look good for the clan to have a top 100 player and in return you'll get new emblems"

    That got 'em booted off my list it's like dude if you've reached the stage when your thinking like that then you're being way to serious about the game it kinda put me off partying up for a while.

    Although now me and the wife have got into playing with 2 dudes who get that it's meant to be fun and i've gotta admit it's refreshed the game.

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    My other problem is I like to play solo a lot .  I know I know shocker and I am a wierdo but dam I only started playing online a couple of years ago and the 25 + years before that i played alone.  When i was getting all gold guns I preferred to run solo just so I didnt feel like I had to perform.  Plus I do play at the firehouse on shift and have to bail on a lot of games and I play when my wife is at work while I get the kiddos to sleep.  Well if they need something I bail out of my game.  Its a pain in the ass playing like that in a party.  Not to mention how much better the game plays when im not in a party.  Its so much smoother.

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    I've really got into split screen hearing the wife whoop it up and yelling things like "Betty to the face" and groin shotting people left and right keeps the stress at bay.

    But I gotta say I think i'll be avoiding clans in the future they seem to start off as fun then you start winning and boom suddenly a loss is the end of creation and it's like come on we get to  do stuff on this game that as kids playing operation wolf we used to dream of a game letting us do and even better we're playing against real people.

    Some people just lose the fun once they buy into their own hype and think that COD matters beyond a way to blow a few hours and have a bit of a chuckle.

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    Yaa....these guys get pretty lit up when we are losing.  Its like hey guys I promise you that we arent the best players on the game haaa....**** Ali lost some fights and Michael Jordan missed free throws sometimes.  It happens and isnt the end of the world and if the fun leaves it.....Im out too.

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    Not really. I typically only get annoyed or pissed at my clan when they start trying to cherry pick lobbies or only refuse to play a certain map. Other than that we get along pretty well. I only don't know a few members IRL, and they're real life friends of other members, so I think my clans a bit different

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