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peoples attitude on this game


I am a 50 yr old gamer and I know this is a war game,  but do you ever get sick and tired of all the smart mouth people on the game, ... I have read other simular post about smart mouthed kids or teenagers.....but i am talking about grown men and women aged 20 and up .....more so in the mid 20s i would guess from the sound of the voice i hear,

I am not talking about good natured trash talking that come with the game, i am talking about people who join into your lobby hear you talking to someone else about anything and start telling you shut the f up or do the mocking, ..... I have played this game for almost a year and it boggles my mind how some people think this game makes them "Bad"  In my lifetime i have been in real battles, taken real lives while fighting to keep my own, did some azz kicking and got my azz kicked a time or two,   I have been around the block a time or two,

I played a racing game for almost a year solid, in that year i think i met two players who i would have paid good money to pay a personal visit to, the rest of the Men and Women were great, ......I guess the reason of this rant is i pulled out that game last night and jumped into a lobby of other players of different ages and backgounds ....I laughed my azz off at the stuff we did...... got 21 friend request  in 4 hrs of play.i only wish i had room to add them all.....it felt good meeting people who enjoyed a good time ......


After a year on Mw3 i can say i have only met 10 maybe 15 people i  would add as a friend and did add them,   I know someone will say go play another game you old fart, you are the people i am taking about   console warriors, or keyboard gangters hiding behind your mic and a keyboard

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    I agree but I just mute the people who're being douchebags

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    Trash talking is a stratigic way to get into your enemys head right off rips. Theres a mute button for a reason, and it obviously effects you and throws your mind off to where you're not calm anymore, its designed to that. It throws off your gameplay, and I'm that kind of player and can tell you from experience that trash talking is a really good way to get an easier win. Mostly its just boredom too.

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    I do mute them, hell the X on the button of my controller  is wore off from muting people LOL ......

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    I understand thats why you do it, and that it helps you/others overcome your own weakness in the game,  90% of the time it dosent bother me the other 10% of the time.........well you would not be wise to give me your home address.... and again good fun trash talking is not the issue,  ...

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    I understand what your saying, but their is trash talk, and their is  just someone acting like a POS.


    Ive pointed out  campers and  such, but their are people that will get so mad, they go off of the game play and talk about  your family,  tell you they are gonna hack you, etc.


    by the way, just because im high in the ctf leaderboard, with how ever many hours played, doesnt mean im a "loser" i play a couple hours a day, and ive had the game since it came out


    and so what if I dont prestige, what is it to you? doesnt change that I spanked you int he last match lol.. I dont get people

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    Nah its more fun then anything, and i don't have a weakness in CoD, im one of those players who's at the top of the list regardless of whatever's going in-game. I'm sorry to say i join lobby's all the time mid-conversation and say something witty and smart-assed but hell its just for fun and i love arguement's, my mother always told me since i was little i should be a lawyer.

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    With you being experienced as you are, you should know what come-backs can be said to make people like that shut up or atleast throw off their mantality to the point where you can counter, and pooping on them also helps out because theyll most likely quit the lobby when the game ends.


    With you're hours played, your right it doesnt matter, and even if you did infact have no life, whats it to them? I can tell you from experience yet again, gaming is the perfect life style, specially doing it all day everyday, and if you have the oppertunity to do so, take it lol.
    I had a retard call me a no life, and he had 1 day played less then me, im 14th prestige with only 10 days played with an MSR Title and a 1.85 KD, i could give two less what you think of me lol

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    There is a difference between trash talking (whether it be good natured or rude), and flat out being a grade butt-hole.


    Trash talking: I am going to own you! You suck!

    Butt-hole: Shut the F up or I am gonna kill your mother.  And while we are at it, suck my d***

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    I do both, there's really nothing you can do it about, and complaining's even worse. Like i said in mine, Yeah im an ass hole, but think about it from there persepectives aswell, how many people they have to deal with acting the same way, so they take upon themselves to do the same. This has been a problem since video games came out and will never fix itself, the best you can do is join em or mute em, because at the end of the day, neither of the partys are going to remember the others name, and cod life moves on.

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