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New Xbox 360 team looking for youtube players and Comptitive players

ZeNZi Gaming is a new team that i am putting together. we are looking to have 2 main teams withing this ... one being the Youtube team and the other being the Competitive team. I will be putting up money for the competitive team to enter tournaments so we have chances of winning money.(not what were all about, were about having fun with gaming, but hey we all have to admit it would be nice)  if you are interesting i will put down below what we are looking for for both teams.

Youtube team

-we are looking for players who can snipe and get good feeds for the youtube team.

-players who want to do commentaries, montages, and dualtages

-people who have fun making videos.


Comp team

- people who know how to play with stratagy and can get the win for our team.

- someone who calls out where enemy players are

- we need players who are team players and will have fun and take our team up the rosters for the tournaments we will be entering.


if you have anymore questions or want to see about joining contact me on xbox my gamertag will be below.

if you are looking at joining we will give you a tryout.


my gamertag: ZeNZi Gamble