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M60 TDM Moab Gameplay, Commentary in song form. Featuring Billy the Camper. -Video-



Hello everyone, went a litle overboard with the sillyness level on this video, but sometimes I can't control myself and need to make up silly songs. The M60, after a brief introduction has welcomed me to a happy place of pure destuction.


I love this LMG and it's ability to kill in two shots, making it a potential multi-kill machine. I was using the red dot sight with kick, as I couldn't stand the Iron sites and kick helped with the good amount of recoil it had.


Any M60 lovers out there? If so, which set ups bring you the most success? I'd like to perhaps branch out a little bit with the weapon, but it's hard for me to get over the nasty Iron sites. Cheers.


My song lyrics are in the video description.