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The Collector's Editions


Alright, so we have the Hardened Edition and the Care Package Edition for Black Ops Dos. The "all DLCs included" (Elite for MW3 Hardened Edition) was not announced in either of the editions, but we have challenge coins. What are these challenge coins going to be used for exactly? I don't know, but if you know please let me know that you know what these challenge coins are going to be used for. I doubt that they are going to be used for Nuketown 2025, Nuketown Zombies, weapon cameos or the other digital pixilated downloads since they wouldn't have a picture of these items seperate. Could it be for each of the future map packs that will be released? If not, should we save our $$$ for the map packs that will eventually come out and buy the regular edition of Black Ops Dos?