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What's the point?


Myself and several of my clan memebers have been contacting support for weeks now over the "BOOMSTICK" & "BUCKSHOT" leader boards, to no avail. The guys who took the #1 and #2 spots did so over night, with a RIDICULOUS amount of accolades.

So, here's my question: What's the point? If nothing is going to be done, what's the point of contacting support with any issue?

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    There is none really. Activision has probably one of the worst customer support departments I've ever dealt with. When I pre-orderd BLOPS 2, I was supposed to get a prestige token to use in MW3. A lot of my clanmates got theirs in a couple days; one took about a week. Me? It took me over 3 MONTHS to get mine. I contacted support relentlessly for weeks and they simply kept giving me the run around. Was pretty frustrating knowing they didn't give a **** about my case and just let it sit there for months on end without even updating the ticket. I finally gave up and posted some slanderous things on their Twitter and BEHOLD, i finally got a hold of someone and within 24 hours, my token popped up. I'd rather spend a day at the DMV then deal with these people again.

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    Unfortunately, Activision support does not have any control over the leaderboards or moderation on Call of Duty Elite events. We will go ahead and forward the information over to the appropriate parties so they can investigate and look for them in the future.


    H1rol3r: We apologize for the experience that you had with our support teams. I am glad to hear your issues was resolved. I will send your feedback over to the appropriate parties so that this does not happen in the future.  If you do run into this next time, contact us on our Twitter page like you did previously.

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      twitter??so why we need forum???

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        Because posting stuff on Twitter gets noticed. As opposed to a support ticket that someone over at ATVIAssist will just keep ignoring until you eventually give up on getting a response back.


        The excuse posted above by ATVIAssist basically means, thanks for letting us know about the many faults in our game. We'll put your issue into a hat and whenever MW4 comes out, we'll pick from the hat and then see if we can come with a half ass solution to moderately acknowledge your incessant whinig.


        Thanks and, whatever happens, just keep buying more and more COD's. They'll be less irritating then the previous version and we'll give you more stuff to complain about that we'll never ever, ever fix.