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A History Of EviL


we rarely post to other threads, hell, we rarely look at other threads besides the ones posted by GRaS.


threads we have never bothered to check:


any new threads made by anyone besides GRaS

the castle threads

all youtube crap

rant threads except for those made by GRaS

game threads

product advertisement threads

i'm back threads no matter how they are worded



when we finally do decide to post on a thread that is not written by GRaS, it is because another member posted before us, which in turn made us curious and amused us enough to merit a response from EviL, EviL, EviL, or EviL.


rarely does EsKiMo post also. we have no idea why


EviL...  well...  he's special and because of his condition must be kept away from all people at all times, except for those times that EviL, for some reason releases him.  for all those that are out when that happens...


may you have a quick and painless death, or are somehow spared and only knocked out


as for EviL, he must be avoided at all costs, if you hear growling, you are okay, mostly, but once he is silent...


may god have mercy on your soul


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