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How Pathetic?   Seriously


Whats up, i quit this game 3 months ago and just started to try it out one more time just to see if they did anything to it. So, just got done playing and i mean really how long does it take to fix. Lag still there, not just a little either alot. hit detection blows, and then my headset started blairing out weird sounds. I thought for sure they can at least fix that, but no.  And whats funny about it, I know im wasting my time cuz when i come back from 3 months not playing the forums are the same. filled with hate about the game.  Almost a year has passed and they did nothing but made it worse. i remember the first couple days it was great.  Obviously they dont care about what the players think. cuz there still complaining about the same stuff over and over.  Im sorry for who read this, for wasting ur time. But look at the big picture.  The only way is not to play, then they will realize how much it matters.   Its just so funny it didnt change a bit. I had all kinds of updates and everything.  And the forums are flooded with the same stuff. LOL. see you guys later and once again sorry for wasting ur time.  Well back to playing guild wars 2 and diablo 3