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Elite Merc Squad (Ps3) Black Ops Clan -Edited-



Elite Merc Squad is recruiting

We are recruiting anone looking for a Clan right now

we normally place first and second in TDM, and now moved to HTD

but we are open for any game types including Zombies, EMS does not care if you are good or bad, we will train and play with youif you think you need to get better, also any Prstige can join, once we get enough players then new recruits will have to do a 1v1 in Nuketown or if more desire to join at the same time or within a certain period of time then its a 2v2 and so on, i myself do not own a mic yet so its Text Chat, if you dont got a mic then dont worry its acceptable, and having Text Chat is a plus of course, EMS wil also host future Combat Training against Hardened and Veteran Oppenents, we believe by doing this then people will become better if they want, we host fun matches, QS matches and anything else to help you get better at whatever you want, below is my PSN name

Seronti94 <--- I'm currently Online

i would post the other Leader but he is offline so it would be useless

  • Re: Elite Merc Squad (Ps3) Black Ops Clan -Edited-

    I'm willing to join.

    My K/D Ratio is
    0.73. It would be higher but I started quickscoping last week.
    I don't normally quickscope, I just started doing it for fun.

    I normally rock the AK-47 with extended Mag and Red Dot sight. The CZ75 with full auto upgrade. Tomahawk, Nova Gas and Claymore. Along with Hardline, Warlord and Marathon.

    My Quickscoping Class has L96A1 with extended Mag. The CZ75 again with full auto and the Tomahawk, Nova Gas and Claymore combo again. It has Ghost, Slight of Hand and Marathon pro.

    I live in Australia and speak full English. And i'm 15. My PSN is ZBH3.