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Lag switching and Aim-bot controller excuses.


I have been coming across these excuses for quite some time now. So I just wanted to clear this up for the people who, when they get their azzes handed to them, come up with these lame azz excuses. I'm sure there are people who know about it, but this is for the ones who are just oblivious to the fact that there IS NO SUCH THING as lag switch and or modded aim-bot controllers in MW3.


IW installed a patch at the very beginning of this game, MW3, to where if you try and use a "lag switch" you automatically get booted from the lobby,(server timed out). So that excuse is out of the way. Now, the "modded aim-bot controller". This is just as stupid as the lag switch excuse. If you search for these infamous controllers online, you will find that the only thing these controllers work in, is the campaign modes and or zombies, not in online game play, there is of coarse rapid fire modds. So, with that being said, I hope people realize that these two excuses, not only aren't true and impossible, but they make you sound stupid. So when you get your azz kicked the next time, keep that in mind and just except the fact that you got beat by a better player, flat out hacker (which is rare), or, the unforgivable lag compensation.


Real quick, by no means is this a "you suck at MW3" thread, your excuses just suck. I myself will be the first to admit that I am far from an elite CoD player, but I do have common sense and know when I just simply got out played. When that happens, I simply tell them "good game" and I hope for a better match the next round.


Thanks for reading and Happy Gaming

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    Yeah after this FKC the mrs got accused of having some cheat or another.

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    This happened to me a couple months ago. I was sniping with the Barrett in Bakaraa where B usually is in Domination in that building, all nice and mined up. Well, a player walks in front of that glass and I am caught off guard so I just pull the trigger no zoom as fast as I can. I git lucky and dropped him. Fast forward two minutes later in the game, I'm still in the building and the same kid comes back the same way and I do the same thing! The kill mic was hilarious! After the game, the kid would not stop freaking out about how I was cheating with a modded controller. This lasted for 3 games before I was fed up and left the lobby. It was frustrating and funny at the same time. Pathetic, really.

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    mdm, no insult intended, but do you know what a lag switch is?


    Considering it is not a software hack or anything, how can you say with 100% certainty that there are no lag switches in MW3 (as opposed to any other game).


    (e.g. I could have a lag switch to play any game I wanted... how can you tell me I don't have one?)


    As for sucking excuses: with the connection issues in MW3, it is very hard to be sure as it could have easily simply been lag.


    Just curious mate.

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    LOL when I first started playing CoD all I did was hipfire because I really never played a FPS that had an option for ADSing.  My kids were amazed how many kills I was getting with it.  They couldn't hipfire to save their lives.

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    Sorry but I can't believe that there isn't lag-switching and modded controllers I've just seen to much. Sounds like you need to do some research on the matter. Here's the other problem I have how is this patch supposed to work for lag switching and modded controllers but none of their patches have fixed the lag compensation or at least the sh!ttastic spawns. Now lastley let me get this straight so whenever the oh so wonderful matching making lobby of this game tells me "sever timed out" it's because I'm lagswitching now how in the h3ll is that possible when I comeplety dispise cheating in any form what so ever?

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    Most of the time I chalk it up to lag in the game but every once in awhile I'll come across a situation where it definitely looks like a lag switch.  It's rare but it happens.  My latest experience was on Dome.  Me and two other teamates were closing in on a guy inside the dome from different directions when all of a sudden none of us could move but the enemy moved around freely and dropped all three of us.  The game had been moving fine up until that point and moved fine afterwards.  It looked an aweful lot like a lag switch to me.


    But to the OP's point people do complain a lot about lag deaths that don't have anything to do with the other players.  It's just part of the game.  You can usually tell though if you take the time to look at your killcam just how much you are lagging behind others.

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    Oh for sure I hear you both and mdm.... no doubt most unexplained wtf deaths are due to lag.


    I was just curious how anyone can state there are no such thing as lag switches (esp. when there are multiple instructional videos how to make SW and HW versions, they can be bought a dime a dozen on ebay... and I personally know some one who uses one*)


    * I don't play with that doucher anymore.

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    Yeah I kept telling her master hip fire 1st and the rest will come only problem is she hip fires the G36 on maps like dome shes getting into aiming.

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    Yeah I don't know where he got his info on the whenever it says "sever timed out" means you're lag switching and they are kicking you because I've gotten that message too manny times to count and well yeah I dispise any form of cheating

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