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Replacement for Kill Confirmed

I, and many others, dislike Kill Confirmed because of the behaviour it has promoted, and I suggest this as a replacement: Hoarder, which would be a cross between KC and CTF.


Hoarder would be like Halo Reach's Stockpile, where the objective would be to collect numerous neutral flags or other objectives scattered around the map and return them to one (or more) drop off points to score points for your team, with scoring occurring every minute. While flags are at a drop off but yet to be counted towards a team's total, they can be stolen by the enemy. First team to reach a certain number of flags collected or the most flags collected when time expires wins.


Unlike KC, there would be generally too many flags lying around to camp them all for cheap kills, and people would simply go for the flags not being camped. The idea behind this game would be that it is far more tactical than KC, with a lot more to think about as you play - and it would be fast paced.


What do you think?