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Do free members get double xp?

Somebody told me that once your clan unlocks double xp that only Premium members recieve it. Is this true or do free members also recieve the double xp? I thought everyone on the roster recieves it but now i'm not sure. Anyone know?

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    So long as you are in the clan when the clan leader uses the 2xp then yes you will get the 2xp hours regardless of whether you are a premium or a free member.  However, your clan leader does have to push a button to have the 2xp distributed to the clan.  Many clans will hold on to the 2xp hours that they have acquired and distribute them later.  Personally I distribute them right away unless I know that a 2xp weekend is coming and then I'll distribute them on the 2xp weekend.  This way my clan members get to enjoy a few hours of 4xp instead.