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CoD 4 - Ground War. The game mode for the weak players


To anyone thinking of going near a Ground War lobby on CoD4, may I suggest you avoid if you don't cheat.


EVERY ground war lobby that i've been into the last 2 weeks has had all players except myself using the M40A3 with aimhacks. So if the idea, as a legit player, of going into a ground war lobby I wouldn't bother. You'll only end up getting frustrated and leave when you realise you're the only non cheating player there, and also the only person not using an M40A3.


Sure I understand quickscoping is fun for those that do it, but to quickscope with mods?? Just making yourself look ****. So basically a message to all you M40A3 aim hacking scrubs in Ground War - man up and get good, you're all garbage and you know it..


This won't change nothing I know, but hey i'm allowed to vent my opinion. My legit KD of 0.76 owns most of the M40A3 users on Ground War who have nothing but fake stats. I mean come on, wheres the fun in hitting a quickscope that you didn't actually do?


CoD4 was the greatest game, but it's now garbage.