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Lag Compensation Vs Actual Lag


I'm not gonna bore you with wah wah lag compensation and all that polava.


The reason I started this discussion is this. I've played all the other CoD's over the past few days, in particular CoD 4 and I will say this..

MW3's lag compensation compared to Black Ops and CoD 4 is actually pretty good.


Here's a brief summary of what happened:


CoD 4: Bullets not registering at all, teleportation lag on a regular basis, lobbies full of players on different connection speeds. In other words, unless you're an aimbot cheating scumbag (which it turns out a lot of the CoD4 community is these days - particularly if you go into ground war) your'e going to struggle these days.


MW2: Lag compensation/Lag not as noticeable despite the varying connections when playing at 2am, when American players are the main opponents.


Black Ops: I will say this, the lag compensation in Black Ops is appalling. I was in a lobby with everyone on 4 bars and well, to say one kill with the commando took 10 consecutive hit markers, the next took 2. Its completely inconsistent and way off the mark of MW3


MW3: There are some bullshit kills, but there are in every game, but I will say that in general MW3 is far superior to the other CoD titles, perhaps with the exception of MW2.


So in essence, i'm a changed gamer. I used to piss and moan something chronic about the lag compensation, but in essence I'm not that good at CoD in the first place and my reactions can be a tad slow..


When it comes to being host. CoD4 and Black Ops are pretty pathetic. MW2 is best and MW3 was bad, but I think they've actually improved it.

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    I Seem to have More issues with Black ops Than anyother Game tbh MW3 is okay most of the time Cod4 Is Brill ///// WAW // MW2 Only problem for me is black ops lol

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    Okay so you don't get into lobbies when one team 4 bar's while the other 3 bar's and 2 bar's? And lobbies when everyone's connection is crappy and the game doesn't change the host? OR when you're 4 bar'ing and a guy kills you before you can get your sights up? I had a 1.5 Download & .5 Upload speed connection when black ops was released and I never had that problem. I died fairly and killed fairly. But MW3 I upgraded my connection to 10 down & 5 up and I get 3 bar's and can't even ping under 75ms. (I ping 50 on pingtest.net every time I test) This games servers are boo-boo now. I have a question, IF you're lagging will the lag com kick in with it?