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Hey folks!!!! MADHOUSE IS BACK!!



Hey there party people,long time no see.. right?


Well,i got my 3DS and its AWESOME..


I play it a lot during my work and school but i managed to get bigger amount of free time at home,and i put the 3DS on charging so i wanted to try the old MW3 on Wii and guess what,i got a MOAB.


I got the mood for mw3 again and i will probably play it till november.

I maybe wont be active a lot during the week but i will as much as possible.


Also,my router broke so i cant get internet on my 3DS and cant add friends.

I connected my Wii with wired connection and its good.


When i get new router i will post my 3DS fc and will add all of you who owns it.


but for now,mw3 fc: 1102 9108 1349