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Elite DLC Content Season Coming To A Close?  Where's My Free Month?

I have a premium elite account and I play on PS3.  I know what your thinking that this is just another one of those people ******** about how Xbox gets everything first, but it's not.  I've been very patient with Activsion and it's so called contract with Microsoft so whatever.  What I wanna know is where is the free month of DLC that all premium members were promised?  Since elite didn't work properly when it first came out because they were not prepared for the amout of people who paid for it. If Final Assault is the final DLC for the season then what's the point of having a premium membership that lasts till then end of the year?  And where's the new guns that they had talked about as a possibility in one of the DLC packs earlier in the year?  If not then I hope that the extra month that we were all promised carries onto Black Ops 2.  If not then don't expect me to renew my premium elite subscription without some sort of compensation.