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Sportsmanship, gamemanship, what?

If you bother to remember, you'd know that I only post to share my opinions and update you on my CoDular experiences as though you care. So here it is:


Spent the last few weekends going through 6th prestige, taking my sweet time. Got through five guns (500-kill milestone) and am working on the Five-Seven; which I am surely going to regret once I get around 300, but it's actually quite fun running around with a Five Seven /Extended Mags. The single pistol thing definitely catches others off guard and whenever I do use the MSR that I lug around, I feel as though I've learned from Tite Kubo and pulled a new power out of my ass. Too many times have I heard "Humanity's a effing quickscoper" from a squeeker who's running across the map in the open with Akimbo weapons. Easy pickings.


What I've realized, going through that prestige, is that this game is actually a quality game. The graphics aren't tacky and it feels like an operational FPS. I could actually see Remington engraved on the MSR. Now that's attention to detail. Sure it's not HD but hey, we're Wii players, we don't give a rat's ass. I use a 480p component wire and I have to say it's quite worth it, definitely a difference. The game is fun, and no, you don't need the luck of a lottery winner. The good, memorable matches are the ones that feel competitive, gnome saying? When you become "acquainted" with the players in the lobby, when you know their playing styles and their skills, when you have that rivalry or feel of camaraderie; then the matches are enjoyable. I like to look for players that play, not only well, but calmly and competitively. If I die, I'd like to be able to die saying "Wow, he got me good on that one" and try to get him back; as compared to raging and pulling out FMGs as some do. It's all a very friendly competition for me really; no anger, just fun. I'd say that there's a kind of sportsmanship that not only makes the game fun for you, it makes the game fun for others. Only, I wouldn't say it's sportsmanship, seeing as this a videogame; I reserve that term for actual sports. The shortcomings of the game, however, are to be placed on the players who exploit the flaws; the players who exploit the poor weapon balance, game glitches, and lack of game security are the causes of woe in this game. They lack the gaming attitude that I mentioned before. Is there a sense of accomplishment in exploiting the game to get an upperhand? No, and it's often these people that find themselves bored with the game. Then they use that excuse to copy codes and play the game perversely. With that all said and done, I can only hope that those people grow up and find that there is more than murking involved in playing this game; along with the exciting nature of the game, included should be a mix of emotions like respect, fear, disappointment, pride, etc. Multiplayer games go deeper than scoring, it's a form of human interaction and I think that players need to know.


tl;dr? Then stop staring at this thread, acting like you pay rent.