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You Looking to join an Xbox 360 Clan? [We're Looking for Demons]

Are you interested in joining new competitive clan?


We’re the Demons and we have recently started a clan on Modern Warfare 3 to carry onto the upcoming Black Ops 2.


Our Clan Information can be found on our Elite Clan page (xDemon!)


But basically we are a small competitive clan who enjoy playing varied game types looking to expand our 6 man team into a more formidable force to be reckoned with.


If you would like to join there a attributes you must possess;


First off you must be at least  18+ years of age But we will consider 16-17 olds if a good enough case is made.


You K/D Ratio must be 1.00 or higher, you must be English speaking and you must have a mic.


Any questions or applications please Contact me on my email address nathan.awesome.cannon@gmail.com 


or my gamer tag   ll DemonX NC ll on xbox live 


or simply apply in the reply section below.