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Need help


New to mw3, yes I know i'm late, but have my reason. I just got the game about a week ago, and trying to get help by either joining a clan that will benefit me or advice. As far as a clan I don't know much but looking for a well structured one, that makes one feel like they know what they are doing, In return I will be able to help with whatever I can but as all very well know cant get an elite account.

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    Hey dVs-sOLdieR,


    I would first think about what criteria I'd want my own clan to have or what interests me. Most clans are a group of guys that have been playing through numerous COD games and have established themselves already. Since you're just starting out, I would try using search words that best interest you. If the clan name is something you can relate to...leave them a message asking for an invite or complete an application to the clan.


    Or...you could just create your own clan with your own band of brothers.



    ATVIassist  ^JH