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My take on elite this pass year


Elite has been a huge disappointment but had a lot of potential and promise. For the first 6-7 wks Elite was unusable.  But we was only given 4 wks of compensation.  That just didn't add up right.  Clan Ops was a huge selling point for elite by offering a new and unique experience.  That too turned into a huge disappointment as well.  It took 5 Mos Before we saw any clan Ops. Then they took them away for a mo.  Now they are back.  But there are currently no more set for this weekend yet.  Clan Challenges just started to roll out on a reg but thoughts too have been taken away and recently broken.  We will be lucky to get 6mos of the clan experience that was advertised.  It was fragmented at best in regards to that.


As for the dlc's.  Many could argue that the dlc's was worth it alone.  But again they weren't IMO. The first 2 dlc's were sold at half price in July.  The 3rd was nothing but face off maps. Which is a core only mode.  since im a HC player then i would have never bought that dlc. So that was a total lose for me as well.  So in reality i would have only spent $30 for the maps i wanted.  The other 20 wasn't worth the clan exp nor all the arrogation that went with being nothing more then a beta tester for elite. 


This whole year of elite is one big beta test. IMO the dlcs should have been sold separately. This year of elite should have been completely free (clan ops and all) with the understanding that this is a beta and next year will be a paid sup with real extra benefits to go with it.  This would have been worth all the arrogating that elite has brought.  Also it would have been a good way to get ppl hooked on elite knowing they will be making changes and improving it.  Instead many ppl are turned away and very skeptical of elite. 


Honestly, idk if im getting elite 2.0.  Im gonna really have to think long and hard about it.  This year really has been a huge disappointment.  Elite really had/has a lot of potential to be really good and a lot of fun.  It just failed bad this year.


This isn't to say that the powers that be couldn't turn things around.  They could offer all premium elite members a renewal promo of half off a yr sup or something worth our wild like that.  Maybe do something a little extra for the founders.  Since anybody that bought elite right before or right after the first map pack will have gotten more real time use out of elite in compared to the founders.  Founders were hit the hardest imo.


What are your thoughts about the service that you paid for.  Please try to keep it civil and explain why you feel the way you do.  I would like to hear what others think.

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    Could not agree more....when the beta was first released for elite(during black ops) I was so excited to use it...almost everyone in my clan bought it because i could not stop talking about it only for it not to work the first day it came out...you would not believe all the angry calls and text i got...guys saying why can't we make a clan?,where do you sign up for ops?,why can't I sign in?,where is my founders tags?,and so on...I was made to look like a complete fool for half a year...And what was my reponse to my guys? I DON'T KNOW...I like elite now but I feel like we should get something back for all the patience we had gave...And how do they repay us? With an extra month of elite premium most likely on a game that no one is gonna play come november...oh yeah plus an extra $10 for the same service that I payed for last year...WOW!!! Good job Activision...Way to treat your loyal fans/players...

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    I completely agree, I was actually just about to create a thread about the exact same thing. I'll add to yours instead.


    I just wanted to add that this is the third day without challenges now, that I am a premium member and due to the numerous connection issues I am forced to play with the dlc turned off so the only part of Elite that I feel I am getting value for is the clan related stuff and right now I am back in the position I was in February, left wondering whats going on and getting nothing I would call worth while or value for money.


    The clan ops started at the end of february (the 27th I think) so that's nearly 3 months after launch until they were 'live'


    Clan challenges 'Beta' started mid July(ish) so even if they ran from July without stopping until November thats still only 4 months of actual clan challenges.


    If you was to overlap when they were both 'live' it would only be only total 2 out of a possible 10 months and as I already stated this is the only part of Elite I see any real value in. My Clan & I have been really enjoying doing the Clan Challenges, they often take you out of your comfort zone which can be tough but fun if you persevere. The Clan Ops on the other hand have always been a chore due to the horrible connection that accompanies them and now you have the added boredom & frustration with the ongoing lack of Op variety which is now worse with the removal of Domination Ops. I know why it happened and I understand and agree there were too many clans using it to boost but... What is being done to replace on introduce more variety in clan Ops and in turn keep the service we pay paid for up to some sort of 'reasonable' level?


    Elite was advertised with many features with a 12 month subscription, I feel that I have had 2 months of features as advertised (or close to) and think that the extra month many of us were given is far from sufficient, maybe even insulting.


    In hindsight, I feel as though I paid to be a 'beta tester'



        (if everything was working it would be a great service, fed up of waiting)

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      Clan ops didn't start in feb. They didn't start till the end of march. Maybe march 27th.  Once elite is back up i can verify that.  But i know for we didn't have clan ops till end of march i believe.  def not in feb though.  We didn't get our first map drop till the end of feb and clan ops came wks after that.  Also,There was a like a 4-6 wk break from clan ops shortly after they went live.


      Ill double check elite once its live again. Just to keep info as accurate as possible.


      Thanks though for your response and feed back.  Anybody else what to share your opinion of how elite turned out for you? Good or Bad

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    So, a free year of elite is on the way. Enjoy playing mw3 another year! Elite .2.0 is for those who play black ops 2........