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Good Game, Infinity Ward


I stopped being mad about MW3 and ELITE a long time ago, even though I like to complain about the lag comp and crappy spawns every now and then. This is the only game i've played since it came out, besides the DMC Collection and the Resident Evil 6 demo. This game failed. Infinity Ward crapped the bed, and everyone who paid for this game and for the year of ELITE had to lie in it. I waited months for the promised clan ops. "Updates" have made spawns and lag worse. All I can say is: Good game IW, you got me. Never before have I gotten burnt out on a FPS game. The only other crappy game i've played was Ghost Recon Future Soldier, and I bailed on that within a week, but you fooled me with enough false promises to keep me in for the entire life expectancy of MW3. I like trolling bad kids in CoD, but IW is the only group of people to troll me this hard by convincing me to stick it out with this game. I'm not even mad. All I can do is laugh. I have an 89% win ratio with a 3.71 K/D, and I just don't care anymore. I will continue to play this game to punish myself for being stupid, but I will go out and buy Borderlands 2, a game I told myself I wouldn't buy, just because I need something else to play until Black Ops 2 comes out.


Now if you all will excuse me, i'm going to try this new 3-step program on how to deal with getting trolled this hard.http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/545317_332464796850225_267164406_n.jpg

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    Noob_Lyncher wrote:


    This is the only game i've played since it came out, besides the DMC Collection and the Resident Evil 6 demo. This game failed.

    If you don't like it why have you not played something else. I recommend Borderlands 2.

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    Have to say I've had hundreds of hours of enjoyment from MW3 and loads of RAGE ! But mostly at other players being a$$holes , camping ,cheating etc . For me it's been money well spent :)

       Oh an Borderlands 2 is awesome !

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      Hunter boosters just got boring for me after they stopped getting banned. I held my hands out to IW in hopes that they would hold my hands and guide me through a magnificent journey. A few months down the line, I realize that I've been holding Infinity Ward's ass cheeks this entire time. It ends now. Before I wash my hands, i'm going to rub my eyes with them, so that I may develop horrific pink eye, so that I may never see an atrocity like this again, until I develop eye cancer from the butt AIDS and die.

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      i would agree but i think all the @$$holes live in search and destory which is why i just turn down chat volume on my turtlebeaches and blast sit rep pro so loud with the game volume max and use recon pro and just merk fools

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    I have to agree! Buy RAGE, it's a sick shooter. I got it for $20 and it's well worth it. I'm gonna have my wife buy me Borderlands 2 for Xmas, still gotta finish the first one I just bought online for $20. I sure as hell miss playing COD4! I got hacked out and can't play anymore online cause my stats got hacked to 50 billion xp below level 1. Sad, that was the best COD game yet, including the campaign. Seriously, check out RAGE, it won't dissapoint.

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    MW3 is a very good game but flawed in quite a few places.

    It amazes me why people are so venomous about it as if it's the only game they have been forced to buy.

    There are loads of Fab games out there..

    Battlefield series

    Red dead redemtion

    Assassins Creed collection

    Rainbow 6 1 and 2

    Sad thing is when Black ops 2 comes out people will moan about that to.


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      Do you play hardcore? Are you not aware of how bad they ruined MW3 for us? Ricochet, hardly ever any lonewolf or clan ops (they did get better at adding one a week for a while but it suddenly stopped), new maps on moshpit until released to public, introducing a new type of troll who steps in front of your fire to get you killed........MW3 is a great game, but with all the money we throw at the series they should have been more careful about alienating their hardcore player base. I still enjoy the game though.