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problems resolved infinity ward / activision ?


Do you as the consumer/player believe that the developers listened to your concerns, and did all what they could to resolve your issues.

With Black Ops 2 around the corner do you think that mw3 will improve or stay as it stands.

Are you happy with mw3.

Knowing what you now know about the game, if given the opportunity to go back to last November, would you buy mw3 again?

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    Lag issue seems to have gone away, now I can just blame myself (damn I'm sluggish sometimes).  Once in a while the lag comes back, but I just put the controller down for a couple hours, maybe take a shot of Butter's Creamy Goo, and try again.

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      Commando perk is still in the game. They said it would not be in this game before it was out. Lag is still bad. Not enough people getting banned for cheating in clan / solo competition. I think they listened pushed enough under the rug to try and keep people here. I think they could have done more but what can you do.

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      well id say speak for yourself that lag isnt an issue, i never had huge problems with it since very recently, i think matchmaking is still a huge issue...


      they did fix the guns, but i think they should have left the striker alone IMO


      im sure they will continue to do stuff here and there, but it will make no difference to me, since ill be in BO2

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    Good post Moe!  I truly beleive that IW/SH/Craptivision turned the other cheek with this title.  It is truly sad.  WaW was the first CoD for me, then came the great MW2 and I truly fell in love.


    Now after BOPS and MW3 I am scared that BOPS2 will be the same.  I do not understand how so many players can have issues and yet nothing changes.  They've released 22 "patches" for this title and I can guarantee I'll experience lag when I play today even though my connection is top notch.  They want more money, so they allow more people with crappy internet to play, and thus we have the issues that we are having today. 


    I've already pre-ordered BOPS2 but I can guarantee you that if it has issues like this title does, it will definitely be my last CoD game.  If they cannot prove to the community they are able to fix this monster they've created then I cannot feed them more money and anyone who does is a complete and utter moron. 

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      im 100% with you on this, i dont think i could say it any better myself

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      I'm pretty much on the fence as well.  I'm definitely getting BO2 but I'm running out of patience for extreme lag.  I don't mind a little lag but I had to quit a match just last night because I literally couldn't move and respawning took forever.  The occasional hicuup is one thing but it is getting old.  If BO2 turns out to be a lag monster then I'm probably going to be done with CoD.  If BO2 runs reasonably smooth I'll consider getting MW4.  I've put countless hours into MW3 and enjoyed a lot of it but also raged at a lot of it.  It's a great game when it works correctly but it would be nice to not have to be so good at compensating for lag comp and just play the game.

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      Wrid, as you know.. this is exactly how I feel.


      Moe, considering I traded my copy of MW3 (at a serious loss), there is no way I would have bought the game knowing what I know now.


      I have hopes for BO2... if they are not realized I will put this series to bed for sure.

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    From what I've seen so far of BLOPS 2 it looks like it's an improvement over MW3. For me, MW3 has gotten progressively worse and worse. It was okay at the beginning but it seems that with every update, lag increases, matchmaking gets worse and Terminal keeps coming up more and more. I can't say that I didn't have fun playing MW3 cuz I did. BUT, the devs could've done a lot more then just adding crappy maps and buffing weapons 7-8 months after the game initially released. Seems like they just ignored the hard stuff and simply tried to appease everyone by releasing more maps/game modes. Had they dealt with lag/matchmaking then this would probably be a really great game. But, again, they just want more ELITE memberships sold and whatever issues there were with this game, they MIGHT consider fixing them in MW4.

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    I do not even attempt to play my favoured mode of TDM with map packs, it is like trying to drive a car with kangaroo petrol!


    Playing on original maps is just a complete lottery, advantage, disadvantage very few if any close competitve matches now, after 10pm BST you can forget it, (especially if host) you are just cannon fodder.


    Overall BO I really enjoyed and always felt I could compete in matches, MW3 is completely advantage based how you can get 25 kills in one game then only 3-5 in next, with pretty much same lobby is a complete joke and to be fair will never be fixed.


    I don't regret buying elite it has been good competing with clan, I will buy BO2 and hope that the statements 'they're listening to the community' provide a better experience, I doubt I will stick with BO2 if it plays like MW3.


    Gaming for me is to be competitve and fun, Not a frustrating lagfest.