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Eurogamer.. Black ops 2 not looking good!!

So a few off my mates are at Eurogamer today... WOW.. i did not expect a phone call to be told that its [Removed by Moderator].


The observations the lads have made so far... (keep in mind that this is working on a lan connection / system link )


Hit detection was one sided.. just like Mw3.. one team gets insta killed and deals hit marker after hit marker when shoting the enemy.


Spawns were worse than mw3 where you were constantly being spawned clear in the enemy's view ready to be shot in the back.. 3v3v3v3 match..





would be interesting to see what others at eurogamer are saying about it..!


For me... this is some very bad news.. its made worse by the fact that this is a local connection and its still not working smoothly.

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    I thought if it's a lan connection, there is no host? Not into the techy stuff and i'm tired as hell so I won't make sense right now but I thought that's how it worked.


    I could picture people having spawn issues in the 3v3v3v3 mode, it's a given. But if it's a hit delay and on a lan, I really didn't notice it at all in the Gamescon videos and I think they were also on a lan.

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    Exactly. The games are being played via System Link/LAN (as they do in competitive gaming events) therefore there should not be any discrepancy in connection. Everyone is on an even playing field.


    In regards to spawn issues in multi-TDM, it was expected that this game mode would have it's spawn issues considering there are now more teams running around the map.


    At Gamescom, the game was also on System Link/LAN & yet the game looked like it playing fluently.

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    Ah alright thanks, thought so. =p


    Not saying it's true OP but maybe have some raging friends on your hands?

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    I just read a review online from a Journalist who said the game looked good, probably better to make your own judgement based on all the facts.  I'm not saying your pals are wrong but there will always be different opinions.


    The demos are played on LAN so aren't a reflection of how they will play on the net, also this is xbox gameplay, I want to know what the PS3 version is like. ( hopefully not like Black Ops 1)


    http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/388659/20120927/black-ops-ii-2-preview-call-du ty.htm

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    guys are saying that its definitely laggy but they have noticed that the playable game isnt being run on xbox.. its being run on PC's with xbox controllers.

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    Would never go with with a second hand opinion on this game.  With anything else, you already know if you're going to buy the game or not.  Nothing any one says here should disway you from doing so.  This thread doesn't do anything for anyone given that revelation.  I thought MW3 was not a good game but that is my opinion.  I'm sure others thought it was great.  Don't believe everything someone says.  Make up your own minds.

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    I follow a ton of COD fans on Twitter and from those that have played the game I'm hearing its great.


    And do you honestly expect to not get bad spawns on 3Vs.3Vs.3Vs.3 ? - its gonna happen.


    I'm preordered and waiting to decide for myself.

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    Something isnt right with the setup at eurogamer then as i also watched the gamescom event and it looked good... really smooth as you would expect on a local connection.., is it because its being run on pc's at eurogamer... i dont know.. either way thats not a good start considering the event is set to showcase the product.

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    Well, I wasn't going to post this link, but I figure what the heck.  This is a french guy playing over system link a few weeks ago (I don't know where):




    It is a private video, so you must actually go to the youtube page to view it.  What you will see is some pretty bad game play.  But once you are over that initial shock you will start seeing some WTF moments. In particular, check out areound 12:30 into the vid, seems to be a one bullet death.


    What does this tell us?  I don't know, someone smarter then me would have to say for sure, but in my opinion it leads me to think that maybe the problems with this game are not 100% connection, but might be getting gigged by the limitations of the hardware it is being played on.


    Anyways, anyone that thinks this game isn't going to play similar to how MW3 or BO played is kidding themselves.  Think about it this way, the developers have been quick to proclaim greatness on every aspect of the game they have been able to improve upon.  Yet we have heard little more then a one sentence comment when it comes to connection/playability when it comes to the MP side of this game.


    I have it pre-ordred, but this is more about my Zombies addiction then it is for the MP side of this game.

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