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Matchmaking, Host selection & Connection?




It's now less than 50 days to the release of Black Ops II and I'm between curiosity and desperate need to know how these parameters will work on the PS3 for Black Ops II. I have pre-ordered the Hardened Edition and intend to give the game a good run of gametime at least, so the information I desire will not effect purchasing or Black Ops II game use in 2012.


I would like to know what Treyarch's action plan is regarding matchmaking, host selection & connection.



- Are they planning to "wing it" and purely work with issues as they are reported or discovered from November 13 and onwards?


- Have attempts been made (as in Black Ops) to make search options (local only, local, default) and to what extent will any such attempts be effective?


- Is there a new system for host selection, host migration or host lag adjustment/compensation?


- What are the parameters for search this time, is it ping, is there a default geographical element (eg. hubs or regions)?


- Are individuals who could bring down lobby harmony going to be auto-kicked, kickable, put into "poor ping" lobbies?


- Are split screeners gone, or in their own playlists?


- Was anything found to be true with regards to add-on elements reducing game functionality, like theater mode, customisation, etc.?


- How will DLC playlists be handled this time around?


- Will more people online mean a better chance of a great online experience or a stressed system and worse chance?


- Will a party be able to see their intra-party ping or connection likelihoods when in a lobby (basically determine their connection effectiveness as a group)?



I have even more questions and I know I will find out some of these answers in the weeks after the game is released, but I will not know some of more technical aspects, or how much priority and control Treyarch have had over these issues, the foresight, the importance, even the acknowledgement.


It would be nice to have some feedback here. I'm hoping for a great COd experience, it has been a while. The guys I play with online all want that.

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    robbie you echo my sentiments exactly......sad thing is only way we get these answers is to round up a posse with pitchforks and head straight for their studio

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    sounds like a plan, i will get the pitchforks, heard there is a sale at Homebase

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    buy in bulk get a bigger discount and mind your homebase card, we got to be prepared to tare that sh!t the F up

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    I can do, might buy me some hoe's too

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    A question (or maybe a point) to locale vs a region type of lock.


    The silliness of choosing "locale only" does not guarantee that you will only play in lobbies with people in your "locale". It only means that you will be matched with a host (be it you, or someone else) in your locale. But if someone 1/2 way around the world chooses locale, or default... there is nothing stopping them from ending in up in the same lobby as you and the local host.


    What would be better is some sort of region implementation where, if chosen, all the people in the lobby would be in the same general region (distance to be defined).


    This would be the best solution for playing solo (or region concentrated party), but people from BFN would barely find people to play with (which is why I am betting it is not done).

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    They really should give us a regional lock option that RLBL mentioned. Make it concrete and so all members of the lobby are also located in that region. Another thing is the connection types. On uTorrent the health of my download is measured so I know how reliable that connection is. Instead of ping I would like to know what the overall health is of the people I'm playing with


    Too often I get hit with large lag spikes that will randomly appear. Their connection for the most part has a low ping, but it still spikes. Based on their system that's still good enough for a 3-4 bar connection. However, if they had the health displayed it would be obvious to see that their connection isn't reliable and has be bouncing all over Hell

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    They need to address the feeling by the community that hosting the game now brings a disadvantage.  This has caused people to gimp their connections to not pull host making the game experience sometimes even worse.


    I think MW2 had hosting right - Host had maybe a slight advantage - I can live with a guy having a great connection that is going to give everyone a superior experience having a tiny tiny edge.  This also leads to much less Host migrations and cable pulling.

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    Well if the information that was found in the code from "leaked" BETA is going to be used in the actual game, then BO II will be using some of the failed matchmaking methodologies that were originally used in MW3.  The whole aligning players up from a list of IPs in effort to gain optimal results thing again.  So those with IPs that are constantly changing or don't have IPs that are on their "list" might bescrewed and those of us that have to play those guys are in for some potential issues.

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