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Is it cheating, exploiting, or just being douchy spawn trapping.


A friend of mine and I went into a match in terminal that was already in progress. We saw that they had been MOAB'd but thought nothing of it. Turns out the other team was positioned so that our team would spawn only where A would be and specifically inside the little shop. I died about 5 times before I could even move. I mean, the WHOLE team was shooting into the shop where we would spawn. I got out of the shop twice and managed to get a couple of them before I died again and respawned there.

I checked their kills while in the match and they were 68-7 with like 59 assists. And the numbers kept rising. I'm surprised that match didn't end quickly from our team backing out. I managed about 10 deaths before I quit. Unfortunately, I did not have my theater recording on, so I can't remember who it was that was doing that.