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TheLostGaming New Clan!!!

Hey everyone me and a friend have founded a clan. Its the LostGaming clan. Mostly we play call of duty Black Ops, MW3, and MW2. We are almost always online playing almost every game type on black ops, Domination and Ground War on MW3, and just messing around trick shotting and quick scoping on MW2. We also play other games that some of our current clan members request. Anyone one can join. If your K.D. is .20, join us and will work with you to pick it up. If your K.D. is a 5.00, join us and help up dominate! Add me on PSN at Lost_Katana and the co-founder/co-leader Lost_reper2k. We are a brand new clan with about 10 members and growing. If our clan gets big enough, me and reper2k have the connections to get us into the major MLG tournaments to get you recognized as a individual and also as a member of the Lost clan. Hope to see you soon!