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Regarding the recent server info announcement


Given that we won't be able to control who is allowed on the servers, what are Treyarch going to do about these problems?


Boosters (let's face it...everyone hates these guys)

Exploiters (not strictly the same as cheaters since they're (ab)using stuff that's in the game to their advantage as opposed to cheaters who modify game content or inject code into the game EXE with another program or DLL file - exploiters will probably be treated the same way though)

Griefers (example: constant teamkillers)

Inappropriate player names (impersonation of Activision/Treyarch personnel, profanity, hate speech, etc)

People who use hate speech (homophobic speech, sexism, racism, etc) and/or excessive profanity in text chat

People spamming VoIP with music or other annoyances (there's too much of this on XBL already)

People spamming text chat or radio commands (same thing over and over and over and over and over.....you get the idea)

People linking inappropriate content in text chat (porn sites, shock sites, warez/CD keys, etc)

Inappropriate player cards (not sure if we'll be able to customise them to the same degree as in Black Ops 1 but, if so, this will need to be monitored carefully)


We already know that cheating is a permaban (which is common sense) but people will find other ways to be jerks if they think they can get away with it. In Black Ops 1 (and other CODs prior to MW2) admins could boot players off the servers and ban them for doing any of the things I described above. This meant that people had actual consequences for their actions as they were losing CD keys (which the PB GUIDs were generated from) and Steam accounts (SteamIDs in Black Ops 1 were generated from a gamer's Steam Community ID) due to the GUIDs/SteamIDs being banned from servers (either temporarily or permanantly) due to their antics (of course, some people will never learn no matter how often they get banned and there's nothing anyone can do about that).

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    There going to be a report feature as well, and boosters have been high on the list historically. This is the same system you use in Tribes:Ascend for exameple. You go report them after you play the match.

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      VoIP should be the smallest problem as that's what you'd turn off first on PC anyhow. If I want to talk to someone I'd always use Teamspeak or something alike.

      As long as the config files aren't locked completely we'll also be able to turn off text chat or make it go away real fast (as there won't be customized server rules or rankings, no need to keep it on).

      As long as the report function is there and is working I'm sure we're fine with most of the issues you listed there.

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      I just hope the reporting tool is backed up by a strong code of conduct that covers the things I mentioned. Also, it needs to have options for reporting such behaviour (possibly with an option to add more info).

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    Also clan admins are overrated. You actually have to find a server painstakingly to find a good server, most people don't really give a ****.


    ALso they have disgutsing taste in map rotation(nuketown firign range only, most of the time.)

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      You're right, it was one of the biggest problems in BO. Too many servers running with "xyz only 24/7".


      I'm going to miss mixed mode servers though.

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        Yeah, I mean. It takes away tools from the people that used to play it. But I only played the unmodified ranked experience, and this actually makes that particular part much much more comfortable. I love this sentiment that PC can only exist with server admins, it's nice, but games like Tribes or Blacklight are just fine and they use this same exact system and are PC only games.

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          Yes, me too. I've never been a "mod" person and the only mod I've played (due to my friends liking it) was Gun Game so no need for further mods (from my side).


          I guess I could've seen it coming as it was already quite hard to run mixed mode servers in BO. Few tools supported it (well) and the servers got stuck more than once due to this.

          Hopefully they come up with a nice alternative in combination with the party system. Keeping my fingers crossed

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            You all are are going to be very disapointed when every time you log on a game, someone will be there to ruin it with no way to stop it.


            As for servers running maps 24/7 they are some of the most popular ones. I personaly dont care for them, but thats the positve aspects of freedom of choice.


            I do not care for a lobby system and will never play a game, including this game that uses one.


            Thier lame excuse for not releasing server files is to prevent hacking/cheating is not the only way cheaters can get them. How do you think games are obtained prior to release and offred for free on bit torrents? They can and will get those files as well.


            No sale here.

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    Only one thing to do, BOYCOTT!!! I'll go back to BO, i'm fed up with cheaters om MW3, BO2 wont be a bit better. U fooled me once with mw3, not again.

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      1. Boycott never works. For one they don't care and most customers won't stick to the boycott anyhow. They may not pre-order but that's as far as the boycott goes for 90% of those who complain.

      2. Cheaters were absolutely no problem in BO.


      @lastshooter: Freedom of choice is great but there were so many servers running that stuff, without many good alternatives, that I thought there was a mismatch between the server offerings and the player's wishes.

      I also don't see the problem with someone spoiling our game. Right now most of the Treyarch servery in BO are empty and I guess they'll provide enough servers so everyone can find a spot. As long as there's an empty server available I don't really see a problem, especially with reporting active.

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      Maybe they should care.They allready got a "bad reputation" for this.Don't get burned twice, unless you like getting burned again. Don't support Devs that support Hackers.

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        wierd worlds are these

        The only reason Treyarch are doing the servers this way is because they have seen how much money, was made from Call Of Duty Elite on the consoles and realised that they could make, money from it and also make even more if they could get a system in place where they charge the pc gamers for features.


        Give it 2 months and suddenly there will be a Call Of Duty Elite for pc, that will contain all the DLC, few extra things and then it will also have in it, 12 months access to Treynet which is basically the Dedicated servers and if you don't sign up to it then, you will not be able to play on the ranked dedicated servers, and instead you will only be able to play on the custom games which use the P2P system and are not ranked.


        They will also release a Treynet access pass which will be abit cheaper than Elite, but will be access to the dedicated servers only and nothing else.


        All these people saying that the way Treyarch are doing the servers for this game is good, are in my OPINION IDIOTS because Treyarch are removing features that have been in nearly all COD games and what made them successful on the PC.


        Why people think that not being able to kick cheaters is a good thing I do not know.


        Why people think that clans should not be able to run a server that only they can play on is beyond belief, because some clans may want to get practice in ready for a game against, another clan which now cannot be done.


        Clan battles are now a thing of the past because there is no option to run your own server.


        Why people think that not being able to run a specific map only is a good thing I don't know, and cannot be the reason for Treyarch removing that ability considering Treyarch, gave the console players playlists where it was Nuketown only.


        I agree with not being able to limit what guns etc you can use because all guns should be allowed to be, used unless they ruin the whole game like the Akimbo G18's in MW2 and the Akimbo FMG's in MW3.


        Apparently there is no server browser in the game, which means I will press a button to play the game then choose a gametype, and let it find a server with space for me in it, I wonder where I have seen a system like that before???     Oh yeah MW2 and MW3 where it put's in a game where the host is in a different country, with a crap connection.


        I will now be put in to servers that are in the UK which should be fine, given the fact I am in the UK but also I am going to be put in to servers in Russia and surrounding countries full of cheaters, then I am also going to be put in to servers in America and surrounding areas full, of kids who think anyone able to get a K/D ration in a game above 2.5 means they are cheating.


        I will no doubt be banned from playing the game within a month, because there will be some little snotty nosed bratt admin who thinks I am cheating because I win a game or 4 on the run in FFA, and will instantly ban me because they believe it's impossible to do.


        I will then have to buy the game again if I want to play it on a new Steam account, only to be banned again by some crappy admin who doesn't know what they are doing.



        I mean they have not even said who the admins are going to be, how they are going to judge who is cheating and if they have any experience if catching people cheating other than the obvious, ones who stand in one spot spinning in circles getting nothing but headshots.


        Then they have not said how they are going to deal with DLC, because obviously they will be selling the DLC to pc gamers so how are they going to deal, with the servers running DLC are all servers going to run it or are only a few going to run it.


        My whole clan have now said they are not going to buy this game and instead they will stick with Battlefield 3 where, you can run your own server with rules that are within the guidelines set out by EA.


        The game looks good and would have been excellent if you could have ran your own server, but they have destroyed the multiplayer side of this game and the only reason I am buying it is because of the Zombies.


        So what we have is Treyarch saying they are going to run and admin the servers, because they don't want people developing cheats for the game but that is bull because, we all know the cheats are not developed from the server files or atleast I think they are not.


        Treyarch are turning pc gaming in to console gaming because they think that is what we all want, because there are people who say that playing a game with more than 4 players on each side means, the game is not fun, we have people saying that playing a game for 10 minutes with no score limit is not fun, we have people saying that playing a game with a score limit but no time limit is not fun.


        We have people that expect to have there hands held whilst playing the game, and now these games have gone from allowing you to improve your skill level to being a game where, your skill doesn't matter because you know that some little kid is going to come round the corner, with their hand being held and wipe you out.


        I was hoping that I was going to have allot of games that I was going to buy this year in the next, 3 months but instead I have only 3 out of the long list I had because to many of them have been developed with only the consoles in mind.


        Hopefully Respawn Entertainment will come along with there game and give pc gamers what they want, and not turn there game in to a pc version of the console game with no improvements like many developers are doing these days.

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    Wow. How'd this thread get so far off topic?

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    All these whiners will buy the game regardless. As I see it this is the best of both worlds, clans are a minority so they can leave if they feel threatend by this new system (which they shouldn't). This is still a billion times better than MW2/3 and will ensure a clean/out of the box experience for everyone, as it should be. No more stupid rules or idiotic admins. BLOPS1 was a mess since you almost never got the experience you paid for, and had to search extensively for a quality server. I applaud the BLOPS2 PC team!

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      are you serious Damze mw2 /mw3 was a total hackfest almost every game was loaded with cheating noobs in blops we had our own server and had no cheating  because we could kick them.  Treyarch lied to us saying we could get dedicated servers.. All they want is our cash nothing else, they will lose a lot of cash and customers because of this announcement  and i hope it hits them were it hurts 

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        timaloy, remember that BLOPS2 will come with much better security, and reporting mechanics. And PCDEV and his team have always been effective in banning low life cheaters. I have no reason to believe that they won't be as active in banning cheaters in BLOPS2 as they did in BLOPS.

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      damaze look Call of Duty: Black Ops II will be just like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 most definatly like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


      pcdev and his team have done a good job on Call of Duty: Black Ops but they won't be doing a better job on Call of Duty: Black Ops II with this console lobby matchmaking crap and Treyarch renting out the servers instead of regular people like us they are also lying about their anti-cheat system to be a top of the line software to ban cheaters it won't happen it will be just like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


      It is a proven fact now that they are lying and destroying the PC version of Call of Duty in favor of consoles because treyarch Studio Head Mark Lamia said it takes 4 years to make a Call of Duty: Black Ops II demo when it took them 2 years to make it I mean really 4 years? What a bunch of lies.


      I know this because I am a student in college studying C, C++, Visual Basics, and Java Script when I make video games in my class that take one or 2 years I can bust out demos in about 5 months tops to 1 year before it even is released when I graduate from college I hope to get in the video game industry business I will be a indie video game developer though.


      Same goes for saying there won't be any mod tools of any type because they say it's because of licensing fees and technical limitations I mean really? The PC has no technical limitations to release mod tools again I know this because I am a student in college learning to make video games yes they might get more complex to make but there are not limitations and if people get confused you release tutorial and instructions manuals and as for licensing fees goes Activision has the cash to pay them but they are not giving us mod tools let alone level/map editors because they want to sell us DLC's like the 5 map $15 map packs.


      damze I really want you to save your $60 buck so please cancel your pre-order if you did or if you are planning to go to GameStop or where ever and spend that $60 please take in consideration and save that $60 and put it toward buying another video game that is PC worthy or food or bills or gas if you drive a car.


      There is a saying fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me I don't want you to have to go through that.


      Fact is Activision, Infinity Ward, Sledgehamme Games lied and now Treyarch jumped on the bandwagon to lie because Activision is forcing them to lie and destroy the PC version of Call of Duty.


      It will not have much better security and reporting mechanics they lied pcdev might be there to let you report hackers on twitter but the hack fest will be just like in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 they have iwenforcers so you can report hackers but the harckers are free to roam.


      Please wake up and open your mind to the reality.


      I will say this again the saying that goes fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame one me well this will be the 3rd time you will be fooled if you buy it.

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      BOPS1 was no mess! Infact it restored hope in a lot of pc gamers. Treyarch was viewed as great for that game. Its to bad that it looks like they jumped on the bandwagon with the others. Personally it all seems to confuse alot of pc gamers as to why they are being crapped on over council gaming. Alot of the issues boil down to what is offered then taken away down the road. Games like Black Hawk Down were great because of the freedom and control the pc gamers had. All these games start out hot with total control of your own server and settings. Even making your own maps was a bonus people love. Once the companies think they got ya, it goes downhill period. People feel that with every new version, product or whatever they will see an increase in options and preformance. For good reason they should, because 99% of all things out there use this tatic to keep customers coming back. The gaming world has went backwards with pc gamers, and its a major blow to the expectations. PC gamers have the same excitment and drive as a xbox person. So why make us feel shorted and less important? poison_pawn,  Bellows100 and many others should feel the way they do for good reason. PC gamers money spends the same, our heart and dedication is the same or better, so why do we get crapped on?