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Looking for a clan around Level 35, I'm prestige 4 level 60(PS3)


ok listen im always on and whenever you need me to help you out leveling up the clan you can ask me and ill help im not the kind of guy who wants to be in a clan just bc he can brag about or bc he gets a golden clan tag im not that kind of player. ive been in 4 clans already im expierinced enough to know what im doing ive been in a level 39,37,29 and 27 im not an idiot who screms and yells whenever he dies are talks like hes mentally challenged on the mic. im 13 im mature not a 8 year old moron and im a fun guy to play with so send me a message to my psn NeutralZoneHD and say its for the clan or you can just leave a reply at the bottom of ur clanpage link and level