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  • 20. Re: Website not working at all?

    I created my account in the beginning of October, and it always redirects me to the news page. On console (PS3), it doesn't get past the loading screen.

    Every time I'm sent a clan invite, the person's Elite crashes.

    Can you please do something about this, or could you even accept the clan invite for me as an administrator.

  • 21. Re: Website not working at all?

    Can you PLEASE fix this ... It's always been troubles with this elite thing... I finally wanna get my video's to my vault ''-_-

  • 22. Re: Website not working at all?

    first time would have been thursday last time monday i have tried 3 different times with 3 different email adresses twith the same problem

  • 23. Re: Website not working at all?

    I have been having th same issue for 3 weeks now. Face it guys, it's the almost the end of COD. If you haven't noticed, over 3/4 of COD games have been taken over by unauthorized individuals. I want to make a clan in ELITE and be with my friends. But Infinity Ward can't fix it. I hope you know Activision is just a publisher and they cannot work fast enough as they have other games to tend to. I am sorry to the people who actually payed $60 or more for Premium ELITE service Founder Status. If they cannot fix it in another week, then we will have to forget it. Trust me I know how frustrating it is. It sucks. Activision, this problem has been going on for almost a month. If you can't fix this, at least give us 20th Prestige Level 80 or some other Compensation for what we a the COD Community have been through. You owe us for making you as rich as we have.

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    The App on the Console won't even work. I ise it on Xbox 360. My gamertag is FaZe Promethean. I know alot of people are suffuring from this. Now Activision, do something.

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    Seems like it's only a problem for newer users like myself. My other account that I made a year ago has no problems so it's only affecting new accounts. Please fix.

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    What is going on? its not any better. i was gonna purchase premium but not after this BS.

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    I constantly have issues with Elite not working in one way or another, currently for the past few days, I'm unable to see any clan summary or roster on the internet version. I payed for premium and certainly won't be renewing premium for BLOPs2 unless they actually provide a service that does what it says and I know so many people who haven't payed for premium simply because its been such a poor service since day 1. Elite has so much potential and could be the best add on to any game....such a shame


    Surely its good business to provide a good service then people will keep coming back, provide a bad service and they won't renew....business basics

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    How hard can it be to make links on a site work.. Like when you click My HQ, you go to My HQ and not that damn new page over and over again =/

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    how harf is it to fix the links god damn their idiots