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why dose activsion hate youtube?


i make cod videos and i have always tried to spread the word about my channel everywhere.because that's what you have to do if you want someone to notice you sure its annoying but when its the only way you will get views its kinda all you can do.anyway can anyone answer this question because...what's the problem i don't remember anyone spamming their channel like crazy there was like 2 to 3 post about it.but that's it i mean it doesn't seem to be a huge problem and better question why do the care now they never'd seem annoyed by it in the past its just seems kinda stupid to me i mean do they think it will effect sales or something i don't know its just seems weird to me



p.s i know alot of you will just say you get more views by making better videos....well yeah but i tried that it dosen't work that way with me for some reason

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    Have you read through the YouTube posting guidelines:




    This is a forum, not YouTube. Use text to speak your mind instead of showing off a montage from Black Ops or MW3 as you talk about Black Ops II.


    - TopFighter

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    If the only way you get views is by people click on a forum post thinking it will be something, get directed by a link that goes straight to a youtube video they don'thave a care in the world about, then you should stop.

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    Your answer is right there in your post. If the goal is to "spread the word" about your channel then the post is advertising. That violates the Code of Conduct. If the video is posted to support a discussion on the forums, then it's okay. Our Chief Forum Moderator also made this statement about YouTube:



    We're a discussion forum and if all you're going to do is link your video without providing any discussion material, then we're not going to give you the time of day. Your content will simply be deleted. If it continues, we'll ban your account. No questions asked and without remorse.


    I've brought over our YouTube / Streaming guidelines thread to this forum. I'll revise it to include discussions/idea videos, but it'll do for now.


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    by Foxhound-Pro (Aug 25, 2012)

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    The restrictions and guidelines currently in place were created by moderators. This was done to ensure that our forums remain a clean and somewhat stable space for discussion, feedback, support and networking. This approach was a direct response to content which we deemed spam and outside of the nature of the forum. We've tried to create a way that such content can exist, but at the end of the day YouTube content and someone's personal agenda is not our concern.


    As JeepChick stated, your answer is in your original post. Our guidelines and restrictions are in place to stop blatant spam and advertising.


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