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[RAIN]Official Team Rain Recruitment Board [PS3]

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen;


My name is ImTheVIP and i am here today to enlighten you on the possibility of joining Team Rain



  • Team Rain [RAlN] is a reletively new clan who plays Call of Duty, or any game for that matter, for the love of the game, helping each other to reach greatness in an inordinate amount of ways
  • We want to create an untstopable community unwhich none have ever seen before, greater than the gretzkies and the jordans.
  • We need you to create this community.


Clan History


Clan Website




  • Team Rain is a multi-talented community that comes from various backgrounds,countries and timezones.
  • We Play Call of Duty,Madden and many other game; for the love
  • We dont just play it, we have many fun events such as Micheal Myers Nights, 1v1 Tournaments, Team Tournaments and so on.
  • We involve everyone in on the fun, regardless of skill level or whatever judgement, we play with we everyone. Not literally Pinochio.
  • We , once we grow, will dominate the Youtubes, creating Montages, Movies, Hilarious Films andmuch much more.
  • We're on Twitter, Facebook, we have forums, we have meetings, we have events.
  • We have Fun, You know how it is


Rules and Guidelines

  • In Team Rain we dont care about your age, as long as you are mature, and unless you constantly scream, swear way too dang much or sing campfire songs.
  • In Team Rain, You Are expected to follow The Declaration of Raindependence. This can be viewed by clicking the clan history link above.
  • In Team Rain, You are expected to follow the above, and as long as you do; you can be considered to be promoted
  • In Team Rain, Do not create drama. That is cancer. If you clicked About Us on our website you can see why -_-
  • In Team Rain, Glitching for fun is ok; but glitching to improve your self or others; or even hacking isnt cool mate.



  • We will be creating a detailed clan ranking structure and co-existing duties for those ranks
  • We will be on Youtube, to destroy Youtube
  • We will destroy the social medias.
  • We wll dominate the gamebattles
  • We will become the greatest clan to bombard the world since Mongolia invaded Europe. Inside joke you had to have been their.




Team Rain needs your help to succeed. We need you to help create this indestructable franchise. We need you to dominate the Gamebattles. And only with you we can do all of this. We're looking for basically everyone and your mother to join this team; because i believe, with courage and determination, we can become the greatest of all time. Real Talk. Please check our webpage for more or if your are interested, please dont hesitate to messege me here, or on my PSN account. Poopstorm incoming @ ImTheVIP


-Thanks for Reading

-Your Friendly Neighborhood ImTheVIP

This is at the moment, a ps3 clan,;however, we do have plans to expand onto the 360 in the coming months. So be patient my friends