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Smack talk

So, I played a number of games of domination last night and some guy (monkeyboy or something) starts smack talking me.


Accuses me of camping with my tactical insertion.


I didnt say a lot in response other than that to not blame me him not being able to beat me.  Not my fault he isnt good enough.


Fact is, I am not a camper and I never will be.


What I am, is a Domination player who concentrates on objectives of the game.  Now, my target is to win the game.  Not really fussed too much about my KD ratio although it is often in excess of 1.5 / 2, sometimes less sometimes more.


Obviously I am trying to win the game so if my team holds 2 flags then I am going to attempt to defend them.  Normally I will tactical insert somewhere between them or not far from a flag that I am defending.  Is this camping?  I would call it guarding / patrolling as I dont just sit in one place, more so I guard / patrol an area for incoming enemies.


I will generally only rush around if we have 1 or less flags, or we are owning the server in which case the game is won and it becomes more of a free for all.


If I wanted to play any other game type or style of play other than purely objective, I would play Team Deathmatch.  I make no apology for not running round like a headless chicken not contributing to the actual objective of the game just so enemy players can have a chance.


Anyway, this chap is prestige 20 and a lot higher rank than me, so he starts saying I am a noob.  Says I am prestige 16 and the only way I can get kills is to camp.  This is so far from the truth its un-real.


Then he starts having a go at my KD ratio of 1.38, which to be fair aint brilliant.  But this is accounted for by the fact that when I first started playing MW3, I wasnt really that good, but as I have improved I have managed to bring it up, but its tough going.  If I were to reset stats now, I am sure I would have a KD of 2:1 or above.


So, in the end he sends me a message saying that "I am not a bad player" but "I can only get kills by camping" and that "my KD is low and if I am anything to go by then my clan must be rubbish".  But then not long after that, after a number of games in which he couldnt better me, he mumbles something about not being bothered to play me anymore and then disconnects.


Fact is, I proved on several occasions that I was the better player and he left to find another server where he could own some real noobs.


See, thats where I differ.  If I come up against a player as good as or better than me, I play and play and play until I beat them or they leave.  I like a challenge and I enjoy beating players that think they're better than me, often because they are a "higher rank" and they think they are something special as a result.


The only time I leave a server is if I come across a couple of maps which I really dislike playing, such as Carbon and Liberation for example.  But I even give them a go sometimes.  They are "ok" maps but poorly designed in my opinion.  Often they just because a game of Team Deathmatch than Domination.


So anyway, I take it with a pinch of salt, and take it as a compliment because at the end of the day if I wasnt better than him he probably wouldnt have said anything.  I rarely remember the players that dont achieve a lot in a game, but I do remember the good ones!


So thanks mate!

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    This is a game isn't it. No reason to smack talk. Who cares how good they are. That would be my answer. I don't camp either, I do curse them out when they get me ( which is why I don't wear a mic) but I don't mind them or degrade their style of play. You play to have fun I imagine and to win. But I sleep fine win or lose and by tomm I won't even remember what happened the day before.

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    I love you man, I say the same damn things word for word. I'm an objective playes as well. Camping is only camping in Tdm, FFA, and KC. S&D, DOM, Sabotage, ctf, team defender, and headquarters requires team effort and patience. Sometimes sitting in the snipers perch with a gold MK60 and a thermal will secure your objective. Sometimes it won't. Point is, don't play objective games if you are looking to run and gun, chances won't play out in your favor if you are playing a well communicated group or clan.

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    Agree with you  grasshopper, Domination is my main game mode, holding two flags in my mind is usually the best way to go,like you i will run between the two, some  times it depends on the map size,although a 20th myself  i have found the game a little stale but i will still play for the objectives and at the moment having fun using the riot sheild,