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Will CTF be the same as in Black Ops1?


Now the only vid i saw of CTF on black ops2 looked more like MW3 and that was on cargo, i really hope this was only a tryout and wont be the final product. I recall someone saying this is how the MLG players wanted it? if thats so they should have a seperate game mode for them. Because the way CTF is in black ops is great and you only have to look at the online population list of the CTF black ops compared to MW3 to see why.

I can go on black ops right now to play CTF and there is around 1000 people playing it right now! this game is already two years old, and you compare that with MW3 RIGHT NOW and there is only 200?!!?

so what does this mean? simple, more people enjoy playing CTF on black Ops then in MW3



Just because we are a minority doesnt mean we should be punished and the game mode should be changed just because some MLG players

(or whatever reason it is) get bored of playing their own game mode 95% of the time and want a mode more to their liking to play for the other 5% of their game time.



HELL!!! make a POLL and and see what the people want, CTF the way it was, or if they would like to see it changed


Maybe it will be like black ops but i dont know, and the reason i am ranting is because i dont know, And if there is going to be a change i would like us to have a chance to say NO! and WHY? before its to late.


Im fairly passionate about this, and i know alot of the other CTF fans out there are just as passionate.


If anyone out there has some solid info about CTF for Black Ops2,  POST AWAY!!! and if you DEV's are reading this, dont keep us in the DARK!!!!

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    first i think the CTF playlist was more populated in BO was that you need flag captures to get marathon pro. not that i minded how it was set up in black ops.


    i did have a couple of problems though. one was that there was only three flags per round, and when you are trying to get marathon pro it makes it increasingly difficult because you have limited numers of flags. this wont be a problem because there are no pro perks (thankfully)


    the other was that some people thought it was fun to hold on to that last flag so they sould rack up kills. thats not the point of the game. so therefor if there is no game ending flag, then they wont be inclind to hold on to it

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    I like the switching sides. I assume this is what you are referring to. If you are tied after two rounds, both sides get a chance to score. The first tiebreaker ends when one flag is capped. Then it goes to a final round where the other team has to cap a flag. The timer for that last round is equal to how long it took to cap in the 1st tiebreaker round. So both sides get a chance at the tiebreaker win, and whichever team caps a flag the fastest wins. It gives a really fair chance on both sides to win regardless of which side you spawn on.


    The KILL ME icon is also delayed from actual location. I also liked that change. It wasn't removed completely, but there's enough of a lag so you know what direction the flag carrier is going without knowing exactly where they are. Again... balanced gameplay.

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    The only thing i dont want to change from black ops is not having the kill icon always active, is should only be there if a UAV is up and the player isnt running ghost.


    How is the game play balanced when you have a general idea where the flag runner is but he has absolutley no idea where you are?!?!?


    You had to use team work in black ops in order to narrow down the flag runners location, the modern warfare version just in courages players who want a big KILL ME icon on their enemies head.


    Regardless of the few players who play CTF just to earn marathon it does not take away the basic player base.


    And the basic player base for black ops CTF is higher than in MW3 at nearly any given time, and this game is nearly two years older. and you think the only reason its higher in black ops is because people are playing it to get marathon pro? after two years?


    I dont mind any of the other changes at all, but i would like to know ANY FLAG RUNNER out there that wants a big sign over their head saying 'Kill me im over here" just for playing the objective.............


    You should not be disadvantaged for playing the objective, period

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      I absolutely agree with you. Having capped over 2500 CTF Flags in Black Ops, MW3's version of CTF definitely puts a huge disadvantage on the Flag runner. I can guarantee you that 98% of players in MW3 that have over 1500 Flag Captures play with a squad of 4 or more and that there is usually only one player running the flag at all times.


      When i played CTF in BO, i could control games single handedly regardless who was on my team. This was great because it was so rewarding being able to showcase the skill you actual had as a player without a team, which led me to meet other great CTF players. And the fact that i was able to win games on my own against CTF squads just showed how much more knowledge and skill i had in this gamemode which always kept me playing.


      If you understand the game of CTF enough you'll know that the "KILL" icon on the flag runner is over powered. The delay is supposedly to help the flag runner a bit. All it does is put the flag runner at a disadvantage AND gives an advantage to the enemy. It's a win/win for the enemy team. You call that balanced? Basic map knowledge, Left, Middle, and Right... Once you see the flag running in one of these general directions it's so easy to stop him. All you have to do is wait for him at the end of one of these directions as the flag runner hopes his "Teammates" clear the way.   NOW, if there is no Flag runner icon now what? Now you actually HAVE to work as a TEAM to find out what direction he went and where he currently is. That's what CTF is all about. Team play at it's best. Not with a handicap.