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New Community Playlist: MITD


Last night, on October 1st, we added a new community created sabotage mode to the Community Playlists on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 & PC.


The new modes are available to ALL players.


Money in the Denk has the following rules and class settings:


- 10 Minute Time Limit

- Sabotage Rules (1 Bomb, 2 Bomb Sites)

- 1-Minute Shared Bomb Timer

- Bomb Carrier becomes Juggernaut

- No Respawn Delay

- 2.5 seconds Plant/Defuse time

- 5 Pre-Made Classes (Assault, SMG, LMG, Sniper, Shotgun)

- Same perks across classes (Sleight of Hand, Hardline, Steady Aim)

- Specialist Point Streak on each Class (Scavenger, Quick Draw, Stalker)

- Overtime contains sudden death rules




Primary: M4A1 w/ Red Dot Sight [MIL-Dot]

Secondary: Akimbo skorpion

Equipment: Frags/Flash Grenade


Primary: MP5 w/ Rapid Fire

Secondary: MP412

Equipment: Semtex/Flash Grenade


Primary: PKP Pecheneg

Secondary: M320GLM

Equipment: C4/Flash Grenade



Primary: L118A w/ Impact

Secondary: Akimbo G18

Equipment: Semtex/Flash Grenade


Model 1887 w/ Range

Secondary: MP9 w/ extended mags

Equipment: Frag/Flash Grenades




- Planting the bomb will forfeit the Juggernaut suit and return you to your original state.


- Defusing the bomb will also allow you to secure a Juggernaut suit.


- The timer is then shared between teams throughout the duration of the game.



All feedback should be directed to twitter @InfinityWard @Teanah @Candyslexia.


Special thanks to http://twitter.com/IamTheDenk for creating the original recipe for this game mode.

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    I recommend only playing this with a party of friends you're actually interested in playing the game mode and not just an extended TDM. My experience with it last night was that most people just wanted to kind of sit around the enemy spawn for MOABs, which is disappointing because the concept of Sabotage could be really fun if people played it, especially with MITD settings.


    One problem I've noticed while playing is that if you're the juggernaut and you go to plant the bomb, if your team dies while you're on the way, they spawn across the map leaving you by yourself. While you might be able to take one or two people down, by the time you reload, the enemy will have killed you with ease since there's so many of them.


    I know it's supposed to be a team based game with teamwork being the core of it, but for most people who play solo and have a team of Randoms, it's insanely difficult to reach the bomb site with teammates who would rather play for kills.


    Anyway, Rant over! I'm sure this game mode would be amazing if both teams actively pursued the objective.

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    Model with Range? Why!?!?!

    Should've been damage IMO.

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    Model 1887 has range? What travesty is this? Damage please!

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      That was the first thing I said as well. Range is for Hardcore, Damage for Core. The second thing was "Oh god why an MP5?" It seems he was trying to not make OP classes, so no MP7/ACR... that's fine, but jeez how about an UMP at least? I'd almost rather have the the PM9 over the MP5.


      Oh well, it was kind of fun. I might play more, but I think I prefer straight up Sabotage.

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    sorry but it plays just like sabo, terribly. Camp with the bomb, killfarm. Sabo is a barren playlist, I kinda understand why you would want to spice it up, but this isn't going to accomplish that. And yeah as others said, model should have damage.

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    candyslexia, the MP9 on the Shotgun class has Extended Mags, not Akimbo. Also, what is the defuse and bomb plant time? 2.5 seconds? Thanks for the info.

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    Please disable MOABs in this mode.

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    Just an update from the IW Twitter Account


    #MW3 playlist update: lowered spawn timer in HC Face Off TDM, disabled specialist for jugg in MITD, added team defender to team tactical.




    Personally, I would have removed the ability to get MOABs. Not sure if possible though. I mean Infected has been out for months yet the MOAB still exists in that game mode.

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    @InfinityWard Why do you disabled specialist for jugg in MITD, it was the best!

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    Just my thoughts Candice but isn't this a good reason to completely remove MOAB/Nuke type streaks in future COD titles developed by IW?


    When you add these streaks, objective game types are ruined to some extent.


    As an example, MITD is a great concept but the MOAB ruins the purpose of the game mode.

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    Where are the Specialist for my JUGG ??? That' was awesome !!!! Don't like now :-(

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    Haven't found one match were the jugg plays the objective. They just go for MOAB.

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    Model with range. Are you people stupid or something? No seriously.

    I understand insults wont get you anywhere but jesus christ.


    Change it to the KSG with range and you're fine. Spas with damage. Okay sure. Model with damage, That's fine as well.


    Model with range against juggernauts. Yep that's perfect. Fantastic idea. No seriously. Pat the guy on the back who thought that out.


    Not only is it impossible to kill a juggernaut with a Reciever full of shells (A Full "Magazine" You also can't reliably one-shot at close range(THE ENTIRE POINT OF PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN).


    AA-12 E-mags w/ Damage, Juggernaut dead in full magazine point blank

    Spas E-mags, Dead juggernaut

    KSG E-mags, Dead juggernaut

    KSG Damage - Dead juggernaut

    Model 1887 Range - Alive juggernaut

    Model 1887 Damage - Dead Juggernaut

    (All these statements assume point blank shots against an immobile Juggernaut and assume you completely empty the "Magazine")


    Change Range to Damage and the problem is solved completely.


    I just can't fathom how Stupid you'd have to be to think Model w/ Range is a good design choice in a core health game mode. I just can't. I absolutely cannot.


    On the plus side, Everything else looks very nice. PKP is a horrible choice for an LMG, but it's still a very solid weapon.

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    Played a few matches of the game mode last night was not too bad, Juggers tried to camp but was thwarted by teams going to kill them rushing in masse numbers. No moabs were gotten by anyone in the several games I played. MP5 worked out fine to kill the Jugger and anyone else. the LMG worked out fine for killing the jugger. Only the AR was a little problematic at killing a Jugger with it.

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    Hi, i like this game mode. Saying that i believe it should have it's own leaderboard NOT the sabotage leaderboard. Alot of people have put in alot of hours trying to plant/ defuse/ defend bombs.


    This mode is set up for kills and easy bomb plants. Seeing those obsessed with k/d ruin sabotage they will flock to this game mode and do the same. The leaderboards will be topped by people who ONLY kill in no time at all. And god forbid one day that they actually do plant a bomb it's now easier to do that too.


    Today, i got sick of trying to defend a team member in the jugg suit. Flash grenade after flash grenade, semtex after semtex getting hammered trying to defend the jugg sitting back doing nothing.


    Maybe put a timer on the jugg to make sure he/she doesnt abuse it whilst their team are dying for nothing and no reward.


    Anyway, the mode doesnt bother me, i can actually see it as fun. My main gripe is the use of the sabotage leaderboard. It should have it's own.


    I apologise for my first post being a complaint.

    Cheers Craig

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      I dont think that can be done, most of the newly added in playlists do not have their own leaderboards.


      I like your idea bout the timer on the jugger, maybe two minutes or maybe 3, then it respawns the bomb in the middle again. This would make the game mode more unpredictable and make it harder to try and just camp with the bomb.

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    I have a 9 incher

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    Yeah, i personally dont like it, every time its just a juggernaut sitting in the back getting moabs, not even trying to plant it when the timer runs low, its just "i dont care if we lose, i might get a good k/d this game" then they miss the bomb next game and they're back to 5-30

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    Why is the jugg still pepped up on goofballs? Did he have specialist before grabbing the bomb?


    Here's a tip, use your class with c4 and lmg, bomb the campers out first and go in guns blazing on the jugg. You will die a few times but can stop them going a moab. It's actually funny, then top it off with a quick plant for the win.


    K/d and moabs  is not going to score you a girlfreind so why bother?

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    Why is there no sspecialist for jugg