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Onyx Rampage - MW3 +Black ops 2 clan - Recruiting - XBOX 360


Onyx Rampage


Hello I'm Kate and I'm recruiting for Onyx Rampage we are a new clan recruiting so we can have a bigger base.

We are friendly yet try to go on winstreaks our best is 161 wins without losing. We mess around a lot such as riot shielding.

There are no requirements to join our clan and we don't care how much you play anyone can join.

We respect your play style as everyone plays differently.




Although we are new we are leveling up fast and are currently level 13 but will be level 15-16 after this weekend possibly higher.

You don't need to participate in clan operations although it would be helpful, me and a few of the other members do them currently, we still sign up for all of the clan challenges so we are always getting 300-600 xp a day everyday.




Search for our clan Onyx Rampage and apply to join us or go to this link and apply



If you have any questions please post and ask them I will answer.

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