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Gamer Girl looking for a good people to play with ;-) (((((PS3))))

A brief message about myself:  Hi my name is Jazmin and I am a 20 year old college senior in the state of New York.  I enjoy partying, playing guitar, and play call of duty on my down time.


Ok, my k/d is alright it is a 1.71, that is mostly due to the fact I do not take the game serious when I play alone, so I don't try as hard.  But when I do play with my friends, TDM, my k/d is a 1.97.  I am not a bad player by any means, and love team work.  I am mostly a fast paced gamer, I tend to run and gun.  I can snipe a bit, but it really isn't my arena.  I am very competitive and love trash talking, so if you are uncomfortable with that please don't read on.  Anyways, you won't regret playing with me, EVERYONE LOVES JAZMIN, hehe.  I am fun to play with and reliable when I am on the team.  My main game area is TDM and S&D, so  If you need a new player and don't mind the fact that I am a girl, please feel free to add me on PS3 my PSN is x-JAZMIN-x. THANKS EVERYONE