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[~VA!]VictoriousArmy  - Now recruiting


Hi there, VictoriousArmy is a relatively new clan looking to expand it's horizons in the Call of Duty community.
If you're from Australia or New Zealand we would likely be interested in recruiting you, especially if you're looking for a competetive clan to play matches with.


Our clan doctrine and motive is to become larger than we are at present, though member quantity is quite secondary to the quality we're looking for.


Member loyalty, honesty, integrity and goodness of character are paramount to the objectives of this clan. Basically, present your best side, especially in the public eye.


Competence in Call of Duty is essential, and we are specifically looking for those with an avg. K/D ratio of or above 1.40.


If interested, please visit this link and apply.



We have a Double XP waiting for the right time to be claimed.



Thanks for reading.


~ ~TeamDominant~  Administration.