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its my 60$ i can play it anyway i like? 'hardcore' players <3 david vonderharr


The meaning of hardcore : to be Intense.  Relentless.


The definition of camping & campers :

When a player on call of duty stays in one area of the map and waits for opposition to come to them.. once the player is killed the camper will slightly alter there position so when the opposition attempts a revenge kill they are killed again.

A camping noob otherwise known as a camper is usually either new at the game or lacking greatly in skill. The Call of Duty franchise has many camping noobs that play the game. The camping noob will refer to the camping as strategy or tactical. Most often the camper will chose a weapon that takes no skill whatsoever such as a famas or an M16 with a noob tube. Camping noobs are at the bottom of the gaming ladder, clutch players at the top and everything else in the middle. Most camping noobs think they are good for god knows what reason.

Example :Camping Noob-"You guys are horrible, running around like a chicken with your head cut off."



CREDITS TO URBAN DICTIONARY. The definition of hardcore  is completely different to the definition of a camper. Please, Logically explain to me whats relentless and intense about sitting or waiting in a corner , sitting or laying there? Seems to be the 'hardcore' community Isn't aware of what being hardcore actually is.


David Vonderhaar, game-design director for Black Ops II has this to say:

  “As popular as COD is, there are a lot of people who think players should be punished for camping."



'm seeing a lot of fans on Facebook expressing concern about campers in Black Ops II. As a result I'm inclined to believe they have been skimming articles and missing important points that would have assured them otherwise. The biggest of all things is that Ghost is neutralized when you are not on the move. I assume Treyarch has fail-saved this and just vibrating back in forth will not cancel this out. These guys are smart and have seen it all, they probably have a sort of radius counter in place that shows if you are not moving out of the same general area.


Secondly, people are worried the Target Finder and Millimeter Wave Scanner (MMS) sights will aid campers, with the latter allowing them to now corner camp through walls. David Vonderhaar reiterated today that the MMS will not work on moving targets. So if you are sprinting past a wall a camper is hiding behind, he won't be able to see you. Furthermore, if he can see you with either of these attachments you can do the same, but he may not be able to see you on the radar when you can certainly see him.


Thirdly, you will build up score streaks more affectively by playing the objective and working together with your team. If Mr. or Mrs. Camper are sitting in a corner with a Ballista going for there One Shot, One Kill Medals and their high level AGR, K-9, and Drone Swarm killstreaks they will be disadvantaged to you getting assists, capturing flags, and calling in UAVs to get even more assists. Also, Vahn stated medals (like OS,OK) only grant bonus XP, not bonuses for your score streaks. So they can get their precious headshots and oneshots but that won't get them their high level streaks any faster. Eventually when they have people throwing shock charges over walls and create a Combat Axe Montage out of their face thanks to their nicely painted mini-map location, they will realize that Treyarch is out of Marshmallows and there are just way too many Mosquitos this year.

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    I don't have many issues with campers. At the end of the day dumb rushers that are too straight forward and get mad after being killed by the same camper are the ones to blame.


    I think the camping was a phenomena that reached its peak when FPS were getting very popular. Nowadays what can we expect from FPSs?, new maps, new combos for the perks and equipments?...perhaps better graphics....that's it.


    What I don't like the idea of anti-camping in BLOPS 2 is the fact they introduced these fake equipment that detects campers, like Ghost only works when running, and the mm wave scan only sees steady targets....WTF is that??!!!, any one who knows a lil bit of physics, knows that if something can detect a steady target, definitely can detect a moving target and viceversa.


    I'm worried about what's going to happen with hard-sniping. Sniping the classical way is about a guy far away from action hidden from sight. But now their Ghost will be useless and that god damn mm wave scan will show them at distance. So this will end up with snipers being chased non-stop all around the map (in real and virtual life, everyone getting harm by snipers), and since their usual hiding spots will be visible, an average smart player will not show up along the line of sight of the sniper. All of this combined with the option of using iron sight in a sniper gun tells me that 3arc wants to say "welcome quickscopers" with open arms (BLOPS 1 was infested with quickscopers).






    What I would introduce is something like a COD currency...in which players buy their equipment and ammo...and of course, the players that do more for the team, earn more money more quickly. The wealthy team-players (and hopefully, rushers) will be able to buy lots of expensive explosives that can harm campers from a distance...I would not limit the amount of explosive like in the previous CODs....why one has to equip only one/two rockets?, one/two noobs tubes?....those are classic anti-camper weapons....and they make you feel good about using them....they are nasty weapon against nasty players. I know about the noob-tuber existence, but since they suck, they will be poor and unable to buy more ammo...so they will be forced to play with knife and pistols (that of course they can buy a the nearest COD-mart ...).....ok I'll stop here I'm giving too many free ideas to Activision. But since games are getting more and more real I totally believe that making money and using it to buy ammo will happen in the future.

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    Another butthurt post about a tactic that you dont have the skill to counter?  Give it up already.

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      sorry sir. but i brought facts to the table and you only brought excuses. perhaps you should give up sitting in the corner with your famas &2nd chance

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    It is great the devs have are trying to make the game more fast pace and action friendly that is what is fun about call of duty not 60 hide and go seek. But i know alot of people don't play for fun they get mind raped by stats. I have just come to accept there is no skill factor in cod unless you going against someone gun on gun.

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    Actually, I never camp....  Unless I am proving a point.

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    the point you proven is that you lack any skill.

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    How is that exactly?  Becasue I can hand your butt to you with a skilled group, using tactics that you claim are no good?  Or becasue I dont use those tactics myself?


    Really, I would think that after almost two years, you would have gotten over it.

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    Sounds like Counter-Strike.  Personally I think all snipers shouldn't have a problem with the new Ghost because once you fire a shot you show up on the Mini-map no matter what.  In COD4, WAW, and MW2 snipers didn't need a Ghost-like perk to be EFFECTIVE.  I am pretty sure that in nearly every COD, most of the Skilled snipers don't need/use Ghost-like perks, and will mostlikely not use Ghost in BO2.  Complaining about the New Ghost is pointless. 

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    ofc skilled group? ill refrain from laughing.  camping isn't  skill or tactics.   its just  a cheap crutch people use because they can't play the way its meant to be.  ha, you are the one whos butthurt and not over it.

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