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Anyone active on youtube?

Hello everyone who's reading this. I decided to start making videos from saved clips I had and uploading them on youtube. I know there is thousands of people doing the same thing. Anyway let's get back to what I was going to say.


I would love to see awesome gameplay from players around the world. Montages, Sniper skills, Lucky kills, funny kills.. you name it! There is a lot of videos on youtube. And you will probably ask me why I don't watch the "big players" on youtube that's famous.. well I know there's very good players that upload gameplay and doesn't have that "luck" or whatever you wanna call it to get viewers and subs. I think I'm one of them, don't take that in the wrong way.. I don't wanna be like a total douchebag. But I'm not alone and I would totally subscribe to players that I think make good videos.


If anyone is interested showing videos to me I will make time and watch them. If you want me to do that you can send me a message on youtube or comment on a video I have made. You can do this by going to the link below. Also if you're interested of watching my videos the link below will take you to my youtube profile.