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How are you preparing for Black Ops 2?


Black Ops 2 is right around the corner, so if prepare while you can!


My tips are

1. Practice burst fire weapons

2. Create your class before hand

3. Practice playing objectives

4. Play Black Ops

5. Play combat training before jumping into real BO2 games


I explain why these tips are really important in the vid so check it out if you want


So how are you guys going to get ready?

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    Interesting video, Shotgun.


    One thing you may want to clarify in your vid is that not all weapons will have burst fire options, and the ones that do you have to use an attachment to do so.


    I am personally stayin away from creating my class ahead of time. The reason is, I want to feel how the game feels and the maps play before settling in on what I want to use. I think all the class generators are interesting, but at the same time, they are incomplete. I worry about going in the game with preconceived notions. I actually think that may be a disadvantage if you go in with one plan and not give yourself an opportunity to branch out. Also, remember, you can't unlock everything, so it will not be as simple as saying exactly what you want. You may not be able to get it until much later in the prestige.


    Combat Training is the best tip of all for anyone. I know it helped me a lot in BlOps. I am not naturally gifted at the game, so the work I put into Combat Training paid off when I played Pub Lobbies. I like that we can level to 10 in this one. I tend to feel like I am a drain on my team at those lower levels simply because I don't always have the tools to help them out. Its an interesting idea, we'll see how it plays out.


    Good presentation in the video. If I had any tips at all it would be to just continue to work on the inflection in your voice during commentaries. At times you spoke in monotone and it took away from your message.


    Enjoyed the vid, and even more enjoyed the respect you have for the community by posting it the right way.

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    I will be playing Combat Training before jumping into the proper game.

    I'm avoiding playing COD at all to be honest til it comes out. I don't want to get COD burnout and I don't think this will play like Blops so I think it's pointless playing that game to "practice".

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    I can't this year unfortunately. Have other expenses to cover...


    Might have to hop on as a christmas noob this time around. Shame because it's the first one in a few years that I've really liked the look of.

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    My preperation list for BO2:


    1. MW3

    2. BO zombies

    3. BO combat trainning

    4. More MW3

    5. Jump into BO2

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    Working on going to 15th on BO before BO2 comes out.

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    Playing Blops1 so I can hopefully master the tomahawk and the crossbow .


    Also trying to put the maps in proper game perspective. Like when I keep thinking that lodge map was in Blops and it was actually in MW2


    as for Combat Training I am not going to do that game type first. The game is more fun against live people when you learn the maps.

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      I totally agree, Combat training was fun but Id rather play MP. If you play on veteran there is no way you will get better. They have aimbot and you just get murdered. I havent played MW3 in about 3 months it just got so boring and dumb with the amount of KS there are. Playing BO is definitely getting me amped for BO2.

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    Looks like we are all preparing by posting comments on these boards lol! I wish MW3 had a 2 year run and kept releasing dlc. I was super excited about Black Ops 2 but I'm having too much fun on MW3. I don't want to sound pesamistic but I really think Black Ops 2 won't be able to compare to Black Ops or MW3. Just my opinion, I think they are over thinking this game. Ruining ghost and the ability to see through walls? Overkill. K.I.S.S. Don't forget the golden rule!

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    I am preparing by playing Black Ops, and not going anywhere near MW3; I figure if I play Black Ops then the added recoil will make it easier to go into Black Ops 2, wheras playing MW3 with no recoil and bad connections will just put me off plaing Black Ops 2.


    Needless to say, MW3 has left a very bitterly bad taste in my mouth, and if i ever have to play it again, it will be too soon.

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    My BO2 prep:


    1. Try and finish my current prestige in Black Ops

    2. Paint my nails black

    3. Drunken zombies and the eve of release

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    My way to prepare for black ops II/ Tips to prepare for black ops II  

    1. Play the objective

    2. Prepare your BOII Create-a-Class

    3.Stop depending on ghost/assassins

    4.Start using Hardline/Blast Shield-Flak Jacket (Surviving BOII explosives a must)

    5.Watch videos and study the known maps.

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    I'm prepared, no way in hell am I going to be screwed this year.


    I have set a secondary router aside which has necessary changes to take full advantage of the broken lag compensation, so I will have a major advantage over all players.

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    A couple days before it comes out ill jump on BO1 and do a few campaign levels.


    I only play cod for about 2 months of the year, so im rusty as hell when releases come around.  Thus I need to warm up the ol' trigger finger.


    When it comes out I'll jump in combat training and test a few things out.  Weapon recoil patterns, iron sights, fire rates and that sort of thing.


    The start will be a bit ugly im sure, I certainly wont be above 3k/d like I was in BO, but I should start out around 2 and climb from there.

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    Jump on blops, practice some dives.

    Get the game on release day and hit mp straight away, not sure if you have to unlock playlists again so if so start of with some tdm.

    See what guns fit my playstyle and what guns are killing me until I get a few goto classes.

    Move on to objective games, check out the competitions, league play stuff.

    Contemplate running solo or going down the clan route.

    Probably rage at connection issues.


    Get stuck in another cod trance for a year.

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    MW3+B02 will be simlar in a sense. both companies treyarch and infinityward like to see there games excell. there franchise is number one in the world. every one and there grandmother will have black ops 2 just like mw3. im excited to play black ops 2!!!!!! bops1 was an amazing game and i will continue to play it as well as mw3 befor the game launches.


    top 5 ways to become a better player befor b02 comes out. excluding number one because the game has not droped and its unlikely the game will stay the same at this point in time.


    1. sorted through differnt scenarios and strategys with the pick 10 option, cant be solid until the game comes out though.


    2. played a few games of black ops to get used to the dives deffiently comes in handy.


    3. have a goal on mw3 or bops wether its getting head shots or completing objectives.




    5. Not using slight of hand.


    6. using new guns every game to insure you will be able to adapt when push comes shove.

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      The not using sleight of hand is a good point.


      Not necessarily for that individual perk, but if you have looked at the pick 10 system and decided some of your loadouts, it would be beneficial to play as close to that as possible.


      In otherwords if you wont have things like SoH, Steady aim, quickdraw and so forth, dont play with them when you are warming up on old games.

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    ive just been on black ops and its a joke the connecton is sh*t and out of the 7 games i joined i raged quit 3 because we were being spawn trapped and the other 4 games were laggy as hell

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    I admit mw3 sucks!  I only played each campaign mission once because it was so boring and the spec ops survival also became boring after I reached level 50. 


    The MP has issues.  It lags, it has been hacked and modded by many many players (not me), and sometimes the killcam just doesn't make sense.  For example, a throwing knife is a foot away from the enemy and it kills them.  Plus the spawns are horrible.  If they can have spawns on any point on the map where there is no enemy instead of by areas there would be a lot less spawn trapping because there is no exact telling of where people are going to spawn. 


    I do not have Black ops because I am not a COD addict, my friends got me insterested in the COD series.  I have played black ops 1 for 4 hours max, and MW3 for this past year, and I had much more fun in the four hours.


    Black ops 2 seems very interesting because there is

    1. More customizable MP
    2. League play
    3. ZOMBIES!
    4. Bigger Maps


    My personal recommendations for preparing for BO2 is the following in chronological order

    1. Watch the videos by the special people who got to play BO2 at Gamescom or Eurogamer
    2. Get MW3 Vault on the app store (not on android, sorry...), which pretty much gives you all known information on black ops 2 without searching for it online.
    3. Look at the map layouts
    4. Night before release, get a full nights rest (8 hours) so when you start playing, you will be focused.
    5. Release day: I did this with mw3, go into a private lobby with your friends (if they still kept it from mw3), go into each map and learn the maps.  You will be a lot less likely to run right into a camper or sniping range and know where the choke points are, giving you the upper hand. 
    6. Also try out the guns getting the feel of the guns.  Stats almost never reveal the feel of a gun.
    7. Combat training helps if you are not willing to do steps 5 and/or 6,
    8. Day after release, you will seem like you have been playing BO2 for a month.
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    1 more day for me!