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Looking for a clan... PC

     Hello, I am new to this community and rather new to COD on the PC.  I have just recently purchased myself a new computer that is capable of gaming. I've been playing CODMW3 for a bit now, I have nine hours logged on steam.  I may not be the best out there, but I am pretty far from the worst.  I have my bad games, but my good games outnumber that of my bad ones by far

     Anyways, to get more to the point, I recently got to thinking of some of the gaming I did on another, old platform that I used to play.  I didn't play COD, but it was a similar FPS.  Everyone was pretty serious, but not to the point that it ruined the game.  We had scrimages against each other to help each other improve and we had the occasional clan war.  On top of that, it was nice to have some regulars to play with.  This is what I am looking for in CODMW3 as I'm sure it will better my experience with this game.  I am NOT looking for a right to place a clan tag in front of my name because as far as that goes, I don't give a damn.  Also, another don't is little kids.  No offence to you that are younger on this forum, I've just had poor experiences in the past with gaming with the younger.  I don't care if you're fifteen and up, but any younger than fifteen doesn't go good generally.  Unless they know how to control themselves from getting overly excited, I'll pass.

     If any of you could help me out here, then that will be greatly appreciated.  I'd love to find this active clan and begin enjoying COD as much as possible.  Also, bonus points if you have steam.