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The AnTi Clan: Xbox : Recruiting


Looking For A Clan? Why Not Zoidber-. I mean AnTi!


Hello, I am the leader of The AnTi Clan! We aare a clan 30 members strong and are looking for more members! That includes you! Now here are some things that we don't do that other clans do use.


  1. No Age or Gender Requirements.
  2. You Don't Have To Have A Mic as Long as you Listen.
  3. No KD or Skill Seperation except for our Competitive Teams.


But we do Have 1 Requirement. And that's for you to have fun. If your not having fun then we don't want you. We want people to have fun and learn and meet new people. This clan is for EVERYONE. Not just for cocky players that think they are good! Your KD could be Below 0, but we would take you. We are here to make xbox fun and enjoyable.


  Now...I hear you like microsoft points eh? WELL we are the clan for you. We have weekly practices. Weekly Wager Matches for EH HEM microsoft points. Scrims are pretty common depending on the time of the day/week.


  But before I leave you off, there is one thing. We do have younger members. If you find younger people sometimes annoying then I am sorry. But if anyone would try to get past it and actually get to know them and play with them then that would be pretty cool.


New Website That Will Get Its Own Domain Eventually: http://clan.iclanwebsites.com/anticlan/


"Goodluck Boys, Sign Up And Go AnTi!"


  ~ AnTi Shmoopster