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Well it's about that time I jump back on MW3 for the new maps coming up this week.


Hello folks, I haven't been on these forums much because of other games that have been released. You think MW3 has it's problems, try plaing NHL 13. Holy crap!

Speaking of holy, Favela is now gone from MW2. I applaud Activision for taking immediate action after what a gamer discovered with his scoped zoomed in from his sniper rifle that has the Islamic community in an uproar. It took 3 years to discover, and now MW2 has lost one of it's best maps in the game.


Well the Elite DLC is on it's way this week. From what I've seen on youtube from gamers that have the maps already on Xbox 360, I'm looking forward to giving these new maps a go. This will be my last go with MW3 since Black Ops 2 is coming out a month from now. Until then I hope these new maps give me some replay value, unlike the last ones. The only thing I play on MW3 is Chaos Mode. If I play MW3 at all.


I watch too much youtube. And from what I've seen from small youtubers to the mother of all youtubers is the failure of MITD. If you haven't gotten a MOAB yet, if you really care to get one at all, then MITD is for you. If you love playing for the objective, then I suggest staying away from this gametype completely if you haven't played it yet. The community will try to go for MOAB with DEagle in a Jugg suit the entire match. The one genius move IW did was made All or Nothing it's own gametype in the community playlist. But I do give IW credit for trying to bring something new to the game to try and give it more replay value after almost a year from it's release date.


All in all I can't complain from what MW3 has given me from release date. The game imo is better than MW2. My only issue was the failure of Elite. I didn't even get my titles emblems from Clan Ops xp until months after we unlocked them. The Clan Ops in general was a complete disgrace.


I enjoyed Face Off a lot. But wish more gamemodes were available for the public matches. Therefore the same gamemodes got repetitive making it boring to play after a while.


With all this said, I really hope Black Ops 2 brings CoD gaming to the next level. If it doesn't then Activision should be very concerned about it's franchise from both IW and Treyarch. I went from being a fanboy of this franchise to just plain growing up and opening my eyes to the truth for once. I did give in and pre-ordered BO2. No surprise on my end. I bought into the hype. Call of Duty games just has that mind control over me. HAHA!! But, Treyarch has shown me so much in the changes they made to get me amped up.


Until then, can't wait to explore the new maps this Thursday. If I get bored after 1 match on each map, then it's back to other games with an occasional Chaos Mode gameplay here and there.