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Fatal Carnage Gaming is looking for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Fatal Carnage Gaming is lookings for new members to fill the ranks in preparation for Black Ops II, we are currently a rank 47 clan with 42 members.


We are looking for people over the age of 21, we will make exceptions on younger folk with a decent maturity level.


We have monthly drawing for MS points, along with othet things our sponsers offer us.......if you like what you hear hit us up @


www.fatalcarnagegaming.com   then hit up our clan leader  (SlashnDash23), or any of our co-leaders 


Ken Mashers,   DarknessOverlap,  hillbillystyl,  ICUbutUdontCmee, LEEZY BABY34.


We have some UK members also if any of you play in that area ......the UK leaders are AboveNbeyonD x and DeFi I WoLF x



Thank you for your time!