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Infinity Ward... Sledgehammer... whoever. Please remove Deathstreaks from Barebones.

Nobody. I repeat, nobody who appreciates, plays, and loves the Barebones playlist wants Deathstreaks to be enabled. The whole point of "Barebones" is to not have stupid crap like that helping you get kills. It's supposed to be gun on gun action, minus the bull****. So why did they enable Deathstreaks? Is there even one good reason? Most people who play the game don't even like the Deathstreaks being enabled on ANY playlist, so why Barebones? Surely someone couldn't have thought enabling them was a good idea while programming the game rules of the playlist...


It's not like this is some kind of huge request or anything. It shouldn't shouldn't be hard at all to simply just disable them and adress a playlist update. You guys do crap like that all the time. How much time and effort would it take? It's such a small thing to ask for, and would actually take away with 1 thing that's ruining the best playlist in the game.


So, whether or not you guys play Barebones, do you at least agree that Deathstreaks shouldn't be enabled in it?

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    They also need to remove the moab from barebones but taht is not going to happen either. But I do agree, barebones should be bare of everything but the weapons and equipment. No perks, no deathstreaks, no moab.

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      I agree.  I realise it's not a popular playlist so there's not the attention to it as others but I feel it would be good for new players to rank up weapons and will never need to rely on killstreaks to own lobbies in core.  Not sure if a perkless setup would work in MW3, because we're given perks in the starting classes.  Last time I played Barebones it appears everyone used Juiced as the deathstreak.  The most competitive games I've had come from Barebones.


      They could have split it up like in Black Ops (I realise they don't have to do this):


      1. Classic - Killstreaks 3, 5, 7.

      2. Standard - No killstreaks, no deathstreaks.

      3. Pro - no tactical equipment, no perks, and only naked guns (no proficiencies, no attachments).


      The Classic version is nice to get away from the overuse of killstreaks while still having some of them.  A bit odd that this is in Black Ops because kills from equipment and guns only count to killstreaks, while kills from killstreaks add to the next one in all of the MW games.  Can't remember how World at War coutns kills for killstreaks.  It's not like we get Chopper Gunners 24/7, like you can get with Reapers in MW3 at times and it's probably just as well because I've used the Chopper Gunner on open maps and it's game over.


      I hate the MOAB being in Barebones.  Does my head in.