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Who's ready for the last 3 maps?


It's October 9 at about 3:12 a.m. EST, less than 2 hours away from premium Elite members getting Parish, Boardwalk, and Gultch maps as well as about 26 hours when Collection 4 releases to the general public and those maps as well as Decomission and Off Shore being avaliable in all playlists. These last 3 maps look interesting to play on, especially Boardwalk with it's close quarter combat mixed with long range combat. Anyone else here waiting for the maps?

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    I've had the maps for a week, from what I've seen walking around them Gulch will be a classic, the other two not quite so impressive but they may play really well.


    A lot of people have talked this game down but nobody can say the amount of dlc has been a letdown.


    Well done to IW it's been Fun