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Iconik Gaming is recruiting!

By reading this, it qualifies you to Join Iconik Gaming, or IG.


We offer a laid back forum and members. We are a very active clan, and currently play mostly MW3.


After you show some activity, you can join one of our 3 ELITE clans, one of which is LEVEL 50! The other 2 are 30+


IF it suits you, you can join the design, news, or event teams and help make us a better clan!


We have a Military-style rank structure, and active leadership. They regulary host game nights.


Each of the 10 battalions have a team, and face off against each other once a week. We have a Clan team, Known as the Iconik Kobras who recently placed second in the AUtumn Forge Tourny.


Please, come give us a look! If you do decide to join, you will be a part of the Undeafted Battalion! Thanks for your time


-IG Tempest, LT