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Any one else think they should ban/limit RPG/grenade lauchers for hardcore gamemodes?


I've only played hardcore on every C.O.D & the #1 thing i cant stand especially in mw3 is the amount of people who abuse the 1 hit kill system with the dam grenade launchers. Come on if people say there "beast" or even as half as good as they say they are, why not use bullets & see how fast you can pull down that trigger & shoot someone before they shoot you? I know they can be some what helpful especially if people are camping in a house you can just blow they out of there but 99% of the time there just used to get an easy kill on someone because they cant shoot fast enough. Me as a rusher i cant turn a corner with out someone waiting there to toob me. Its more frustrating if your getting spawn trapped & when you finally make it out to an objective you get noobtoobed! & for all those people who i know are going to criticize this & say im not good...im legit 10,15,20th prestige in mw2,B.O, & mw3 im not saying im the best but im decent enough to average 40+kills a match. I know how to get out of spawn traps but when your team sucks & cant cap. a flag on hardcore DOM. doesn't matter how good you are your still going to get toobed by some person who cant shoot a bullet at you.